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Car Loans

We have partnered with some of Australia’s premier brokers to kickstart your car loan search.

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Car Loans

- We have partnered with some of Australia’s premier brokers to kickstart your car loan search.

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Looking for a Lender that offers Bad Credit Car Loans? We Could Help!

Why get a car loan with Nifty?

Looking for bad credit car loans? A car can symbolise almost anything. It can mean freedom, convenience, practicality or pleasure. It may not seem like a big deal when you have one, but if you don’t, it can be an ongoing problem. And an even bigger problem may be your lack of finance. Cars are expensive and, when you add on all the trimmings, like car rego, car repairs and insurance – costs can mount up. So, a car may still seem like an impossible task, however, with Nifty’s help, you could be cruising around in no time! We can help you find brokers that could get you car loans from $10,000+. However, before we jump into car loans, and bad credit car loans, we’d better introduce ourselves.

bad credit car loans

About Us: Nifty Loans

While you may already know us as your friendly neo-lender, our commitment to finding quick loans for all Aussies had led us into offering our customer’s car finance. As lenders, we’ve noticed the influx of loans for car-related reasons, like rego, repairs or buying a used car. So, we’ve listened and decided to help Aussies finance their dream cars.

Basically, we work with brokers to find you the best car loan option to suit your needs. We can help find car loans that start from $10,000 with a repayment period between 1 and 7 years. To get started, simply scroll up to our loan calculator at the top of this page to get an idea of what a car loan might cost!

Please note: Nifty Personal Loans does not offer car loans directly. We partner with brokers to help you find car loans from $10,000+. Any repayment information is general information and may not reflect the actual cost of an approved loan.

Our choice of brokers

Nifty Loans partners with the Diversifi broker team to help you find the right car loan to meet your needs. As one of Australia’s foremost brokerage firms, the team at Diversifi is highly accredited and has extensive experience within the industry. They can help you locate the car loan you need and get you on track for pre-approval. So, while we can’t guarantee they’ll be able to help you find bad credit car loans, they’ll do their best to match you with an appropriate car loan option. 

What are bad credit car loans?

Bad credit car loans are just personal loans that can be put towards the purchase of a car. What’s the bad credit got to do with it? Well at Nifty, we want to give everyone a fair go, no matter what their circumstances are. That’s why we partner with the brokers at Diversifi to try and find you a suitable car loan, even with a low credit score. That said, to be eligible for car loans, our brokers do require you to have a minimum credit score of 300+.

A car can be your ticket to freedom, perhaps allowing you to go where the wind takes you! At Nifty Loans, we want to give all Aussies the opportunity to explore our beautiful country. When it comes to car finance, bad credit may be holding you back, but at Nifty, we’ll do our best to help you purchase your dream car. 

What do you mean by ‘secured car loans for poor credit’?

Secured car loans is a loan that must be secured by equity, such as a car, motorbike, caravan or boat. You may be thinking how can I secure my car loan when I don’t have a car yet? Well, that’s easy, we can use the car you wish to buy as security! So, if you are buying your first car, then you can still apply for our Nifty broker-finding service. Just scroll up to get started. We are the experts when it comes to speedy cash!

Can I get a car loan with a credit score of 500?

You sure can! Some lenders have a more lenient approach to credit and may offer bad credit car loans to borrowers with low scores. Generally though, the higher your score the better your chances of getting approved for car finance.

When you apply for bad credit car loans through Nifty, our only requirement is that you hold a credit score of over 300. While we can’t guarantee our broker partners will be able to successfully match you to a loan, they’ll do their best to find you an appropriate finance option.

Why obtain credit before the car

Of course, it’s up to you, but we like the idea of shopping with a budget. If you know how much you can afford to spend, you can easily start within your range and find the right car for you. That’s what is great about our loans. You can secure a loan with the car you’re intending to buy! So, if you have something in mind, see if you can obtain the credit before you decide it’s the car for you.

Who is eligible to use Nifty’s broker-finding service?

Before you complete our application, have a read over our 5 simple requirements:

  • Must be over 18-years old;
  • Have a driving license;
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Be receiving a regular income from work into a personal account for at least 3-months;
  • Have a credit score of at least 300.

Once you’ve ticked off the requirements above, you’re ready to apply! That wasn’t so hard, was it? If you have any questions about our requirements, send us an email at info@niftypersonalloans.com.au.

What to have handy when you apply

Our loan application can be completed in just a few minutes. We’ve designed a hassle-free application, because we hate time wasting just as much as you do. We think it’s important to let you know what you need before you begin your application. So, before you apply make sure you have these details handy:

  • Personal details 
  • Mobile number 
  • Email address

If you have these details handy before you begin your application, you can complete our application without leaving the comfort of your couch, or you can apply on the go!

How to get started with Nifty

If you’re on the hunt for car loans and you have poor credit, we may be able to help. Applying for Nifty’s car loans is easy! Our application is 100% online, so you can complete it anytime, and our team works hard and fast to bring you quick outcomes. If you’re in need of car finance, follow these 3 simple steps to apply:

Step 1: Apply online

Applying online for Nifty’s bad credit car loans is easy. You can complete our online application in minutes and be on your way to purchasing your dream car.

To get started, simply scroll up and use our car loan slider. Select how much you wish to borrow and answer a few basic questions. Once you are happy, click the Apply button and you’ll be taken straight to your application. We’ll ask for a few more details and then you’ll be on your way!

Step 2: Meet your broker

After you submit your application, it won’t take our team to process your application. If we can match you with a broker, we’ll let you know via text or email, so keep a lookout for exciting news!

Step 3: You’re on your way

If we find you a broker, then they’ll work with you to get you pre-approved for a car loan. Once you’ve been pre-approved for a loan it’s only a matter of time before you’re setting off in your new wheels!

See, applying for one of our car loans is as easy as can be. Just follow three simple steps and you could have peace of mind knowing you have the finance you need.

What about costs?

Applying for car loans through Nifty doesn’t cost a cent! However, if you’re approved for a car loan there will likely be costs attached to your loan with your broker and new lender. All fees and costs for your car loan should be stated in your loan contract. So, it’s important you read through it carefully before you sign. If you have any questions regarding costs, you should refer to your broker and new lender for further details. 

Ultimately, all rates will be subject to individual circumstances and how long you want to take to repay your loan.

Why is my broker asking for my internet banking details?

If we match you with a broker at Diversifi they may ask for your internet banking details to verify your income. Why do they need this information? Well, your broker will use your banking account details to access read-only copies of your bank statements and expenses. This helps them to process your application quickly and saves you the trouble of digging through your old, crinkled statements.

When it comes to passing on your internet banking details though, we can understand if you’re a little hesitant. With the rise of online scams, it’s hard to know what businesses you can trust and which are after your hard earned cash. Fortunately, our partners at Diversifi use only the latest in safe banking technology to ensure your information is managed securely. So, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands!

Known for Quality

To put it bluntly, we’re pretty damn good at what we do. And that’s aiming to offer Aussies good finance options, bad credit and all. You can trust Nifty to treat each individual applicant as just that – an individual!

Start car shopping today!

Whether you’re after a used car or a new car, Nifty can help get you started by helping you find automobile loans for poor credit. There’s no need to jump through endless hoops to apply for car finance you need. Just ask Nifty, and you could be driving in no time!

After a personal loan instead?

Instead of new car loan, are you after something smaller? At Nifty Personal Loans, we also offer a range of personal loans as well! You can find some of our other products in the table below.

Small Bad Credit Loans$300 – $2,100Unsecured
Medium Amount Cash Loans$2,100 – $4,600Can be secured
Large Personal Loans$5,000Often Secured

Let’s be friends

So, if you’re looking for bad credit car loans, then turn to Nifty today and we’ll do our best to help find the loan best suited for you. You may be experiencing information overload, but don’t forget, if you have unanswered questions about our loans, you can head to the FAQs page at any time and see if your answer is waiting for you.

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