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bad credit car loans

A car can symbolise almost anything. It can mean freedom, convenience, practicality or pleasure. It may not seem like a big deal when you have one, but if you don’t, it can be an ongoing problem. And an even bigger problem may be your lack of finance. Cars are expensive and, when you add on all the trimmings, like car rego, car repairs and insurance, costs can mount up. So, a car may still seem like an impossible task, however, with the help of Nifty’s lender-finding service, you could be cruising around in no time! We can find lenders offering car loans of up to $100,000. However, before we jump into car loans, and bad credit car loans, we’d better introduce ourselves.

About Us: Nifty Loans

While you may already know us as your friendly neo-lender, our commitment to finding quick loans for all Aussies had led us into finding our customer’s car finance. As lenders, we’ve noticed the influx of loans for car-related reasons, like rego, repairs or buying a used car. So, we’ve listened and decided to help Aussies find the lenders offering car finance they need.

We put our customers in touch with lenders offering car loans from $8,000 all the way up to $100,000. We like to give the power to the customer, which is why we offer flexible repayment periods. To get started, simply scroll up to our loan calculator at the top of this page to get an idea of what a car loan might cost!

Please note: Nifty Personal Loans does not offer loans above $5,000. For any application above $5,000, we offer a lender-finding service. Any repayment information is general information and may not reflect the actual cost of an approved loan.

What are bad credit car loans?

Bad credit car loans are just personal loans that can be put towards the purchase of a car. What’s the bad credit got to do with it? Well at Nifty, we pride ourselves on working with lenders who give everyone a fair go. So, even if your credit rating leaves a lot to be desired, the lenders we work with will do their best to look at your current relationship with money over your past blemishes.

A car can be your ticket to freedom, perhaps allowing you to go where the wind takes you! At Nifty Loans, we want to give all Aussies the opportunity to explore our beautiful country. When it comes to car finance, bad credit may be holding you back, but at Nifty, we’ll do our best to put you in touch with a lender who wants to say ‘YES!’.

What do you mean by ‘secured car loans for poor credit’?

Secured car loans is a loan that must be secured by equity, such as a car, motorbike, caravan or boat. You may be thinking how can I secure my car loan when I don’t have a car yet? Well, that’s easy, the lender can use the car you wish to buy as security! So, if you are buying your first car, then you still apply for our Nifty loans service. Just scroll up to get started. We are the experts when it comes to speedy cash!

Why obtain credit before the car

Of course, it’s up to you, but we like the idea of shopping with a budget. If you know how much you can afford to spend, you can easily start within your range and find the right car for you. That’s what great about our service. You can secure a loan with the car you’re intending to buy! So, if you have something in mind, see if you can obtain the credit before you decide it’s the car for you.

Who is eligible to use Nifty’s lender-finding service?

Before you complete our application, have a read over our 4 simple requirements:

  • Must be over 18-years old;
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Be receiving a regular income into a personal account for at least 3-months;
  • Have an active mobile number and email address.

Once, you’ve ticked off the requirements above, you’re ready to apply! That’s wasn’t so hard, was it? If you have any questions about our requirements, send us an email at info@niftypersonalloans.com.au.

What to have handy when you apply

Our loan application can be completed in just a few minutes. We’ve designed a hassle-free application, because, we hate time wasting just as much as you do. We think it’s important to let you know what you need before you begin your application. So, before you apply make sure you have these details handy:

  • Personal contact details e.g. mobile number and email address etc;
  • The reason for your loan;
  • Internet banking details;
  • MyGov details (if applicable);
  • Employment info.

If you have these details handy before you begin your application, you can complete our application without leaving the comfort of your couch, or you can apply on the go!

Why do we ask for your internet banking details?

When it comes to passing on your internet banking details, we can understand if you’re a little hesitant. With the rise of online scams, it’s hard to know what businesses you can trust and which are after your hard earned cash. Well, you can trust Nifty, because we are 100% transparent about all our business practices. Using the latest in safe banking technology, we use your banking account details to access a read-only copy of your bank statements and expenses. This saves you the trouble of digging through your old, crinkled statements.

At Nifty, we know that time is money, and we want to save you some. So, when applying with Nifty, there’s no need to worry about paperwork, we’ve thought of everything!

How to get started with Nifty

If you’re on the hunt for car loans and you have poor credit, we may be able to help. Applying for Nifty’s service is easy! Our application is 100% online, so you can complete it anytime, and our team works hard and fast to bring you quick outcomes. If you’re in need of car finance, follow these 3 simple steps to apply:

Step 1: You apply online

Applying online for Nifty’s bad credit car loans is easy. You can complete our online application in minutes and be on your way to purchasing your dream car.

To get started simply scroll up and fill out our little loan calculator. Select how much you wish to borrow and for how long. Then, select whether you wish to make your repayments weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Once you are happy with your car loan terms, click the Apply button and you’ll be taken straight to your application. We’ll ask you for a few more details in the application, then when you’re ready, just click submit! Keep in mind the figures here are just an idea of what your loan may cost.

Step 2: Get an outcome

After you submit your application, it won’t take our team to process your application. If we can put you in touch with a lender, they’ll you know via text or email, so keep a lookout for exciting news!

Step 3: Cash in your account!

If everything goes to plan within normal business hours, and if your bank plays ball, you could have the money in your account in as little as a few hours!

See, applying for one of our lender-finding service is as easy as can be. Just follow three simple steps and you could have peace of mind knowing you have the finance you need.

What about costs?

We know that people’s perception of lending may be a bit murky, however, we’re here to show that it can be both easy and legitimate. We work with lenders that are transparent about costs. Here’s a snapshot of what your costs could be with one of our lenders:


  • Loan amounts: $8,000 – $100,000
  • Terms: 1 year – 3 years
  • Establishment fee: This will vary depending on your approved lender
  • Interest: Low rate loans from 4.85%, comparison rate 5.72%*

*The Comparison Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan of $30,000 fixed for a term of 5 years, effective 22/06/2018 and subject to change. WARNING: The Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate. Asset finance is largely risk based pricing where the final interest rate offered will be dependent on the risk profile of the customer applying. Rates can be as high as 29.99% in some cases. All rates, fees & charges will be disclosed for customers to make an informed decision whether the intended product & cost is right for them prior to accepting the offer.

The above is just an example. Once a lender has made you an offer, you will need to check the offer and all loan particulars before accepting any contract.

That’s the basics! All rates are subject to individual circumstances of the applicant and the policies of the lender.

What about car loans for people on Centrelink?

We can still find you a lender offering bad credit car loans even if you are receiving Centrelink! If you receive Centrelink payments then you may have had trouble securing credit in the past. So, we’re glad you found us! If you’re on the hunt of car finance, then you’ve found a lender that can find you car loans for Centrelink customers. Some of the lenders we work with consider Centrelink payments as a regular income. However, we just need to make sure they’re consistent. So, if you’ve been receiving consistent Centrelink payments for at least 3-months, you’re good to go! Just scroll up to get started.

Known for Quality

To put it bluntly, we’re pretty damn good at what we do. And that’s aiming to put Aussies in touch with legitimate lenders, bad credit and all. You can trust Nifty to treat each individual applicant as just that – an individual!

We say no to paperwork

At Nifty we think of everything, and that includes the trees. Our service is 100% online and that includes our application. All you need is a cozy cuppa and you’re ready to fill out our application in a few minutes. Or if you’re on the go, you can apply during your lunch break, or on your commute – it’s that easy.

Applying for fast car loans leaves no room for sluggish paperwork. That’s why you won’t require any paperwork for your application. There’s no need to start yelling to your scanner and suffering hand cramps at the expense of overbearing paperwork. At Nifty Loans, we like to keep things simple. So, if lusting after your next joyride, get started with your application – it’ll only take you a few minutes.

Start car shopping today!

Whether you’re after a used car or a new car, Nifty can help get you started by finding automobile loans for poor credit. There’s no need to jump through endless hoops to apply for car finance you need. Just ask Nifty, and we’ll do our best to find a way we can say ‘Yes’, and you could be driving in no time!

Let’s be friends

So, if you’re looking for bad credit car loans, then turn to Nifty today and we’ll do our best to help find the lender best suited for you. You may be experiencing information overload, but don’t forget, if you have unanswered questions about our service. You can head to the FAQs page at any time and see if your answer is waiting for you.

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Who can apply?


You're at least 18 years old


You're an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Hand holding up 3 fingers

You've been receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for at least 3 months.

Email address @

You have an active mobile number and email address.

How it works

Small Loans

$300 - $2,000

small potplant
Loan amounts:$300 - $2,000
Terms:3 - 6 months
Establishment fee:20%
Monthly Fee:4%
APR:N / A *
Comparison Rate:138.37%**

Small Loan Example

Loan amount:$1,000
Terms:6 Months,
(24 weekly repayments)
Establishment fee:$200
Total other fees:$240
Total payable:$1,440
Weekly installments:$60.00

Medium Loans

$2,001 - $4,600

medium potplant
Loan amounts:$2,001 - $4,600
Terms:13 - 24 months
Establishment fee:$400
Monthly Fee:$0
Comparison Rate:65.86%**

Medium Loan Example

Loan amount:$2,500
Terms:24 Months,
(104 weekly repayments)
Establishment fee:$400
Total other fees:$1,609.44 (reducing interest)
Total payable:$4,509.44
Weekly installments:$43.36

Large Loans


large potplant
Loan amount:$5,000
Terms:13 - 24 months
Establishment fee:Variable
Monthly Fee:$0
Comparison Rate:48%**

Large Loan Example

Loan amounts:$5,000
Terms:18 months,
(78 weekly repayments)
Total Interest:$1,897.54
Total payable:$6,897.54
Weekly installments:$88.43

* Not applicable. Small loans do not charge an annual interest rate.

** WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate with the lender that finances your loan. Different loans may include other payable fees and charges. All fees and charges will always be displayed on your loan contract.

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