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Need to consolidate your debt?

Are you finding it hard to keep on top of your finances? You’ve come to the right place. We know life can get complicated. If you have multiple debts, combining them with a consolidation loan can help you manage your repayments and organise your budget. 

Why choose Nifty?

If you’re on the hunt for a trustworthy and reliable lender, Nifty Loans is the lender for you. We’re 100% online and our application form can be completed in a matter of minutes. We pride ourselves on our customer service and transparency. Apply online today with Nifty to get started on your debt consolidation journey. 

How does debt consolidation work?

Debt consolidation allows you to combine your existing small debts into one loan, with one repayment plan and one interest rate. So instead of having multiple fortnightly or monthly repayment plans, a consolidation loan will merge these payments into one amount. This can reduce your risk of late or failed repayment fees, so you won’t have to worry about your debt spiralling out of hand.

Another great feature of a debt consolidation loan is that it can be tailored to suit your specific personal financial situation. However, it’s important to consider the terms and conditions before applying so you’re well informed about the fees and charges that could occur if payment is missed or late. 

At Nifty, we’re committed to transparency and we know that everyone’s financial needs are different. Our lending team is always here to help and answer any questions you may have about your loan agreement. So, reach out to us today!

Am I eligible for a debt consolidation loan?
  • Be at least 18-years of age
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • An active email address and phone number
  • Have an Internet banking account
  • Been receiving a consistent income for the last 90-days
What documentation do I need to provide?
  • Basic personal info (name, D.O.B, address etc.)
  • Contact info
  • Online banking login details
  • The reason why you are applying for a loan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a debt consolidation loan?

A debt consolidation loan, also known as refinancing, is where you combine multiple debts into a personal loan with one repayment schedule and one interest rate.

What types of debt can I consolidate?

With a Nifty Loan, you could look to consolidate a number of smaller debts including: 

  • Credit cards;
  • Personal loans;
  • Car loans;
  • Small debts;
  • Other credit accounts – electricity, phone, utilities, etc.
How fast can I get a debt consolidation loan?

From application to approval, we pride ourselves on being nifty. If you apply with us during business hours, we could get you an outcome on the same day*. If approved, you can get the cash you need within a minute** if you have an NPP-enabled bank account (which is 90% of bank accounts). 

Can I still get a debt consolidation loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, you can. Nifty is an inclusive lender which means that our team of loan specialists take into account other factors, such as income and expenses, rather than just your credit score. If we can determine you’ll be able to manage your loan repayments, even with bad credit, we may be able to offer you a debt consolidation loan. 

Does Nifty do credit checks?

As part of our commitment to responsible lending, we must make reasonable enquiries to ensure the suitability of a loan. In line with this, we may conduct a credit check. If you’ve got bad credit, don’t stress. We look at more than just your credit score, including your income, expenses, and other financial commitments to get a better picture of your financial situation. 

What are the fees and charges?

The fees and charges associated with your loan depend on a few factors including your credit history and the amount borrowed. Before you enter a loan agreement, we will provide you with a credit guide that outlines the fees and charges. 

No fuss, no paperwork. Nifty loans.