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Fitbit has just released the latest version of their fitness trackers. They’re called the Fitbit Ionic – and are the ultimate fitness device to accompany you throughout the day and night. But what exactly do they have to offer, and are they really worth investing in? Why should you choose it over other fitness trackers like the Apple watch?

We’re about to tell you everything you need to know about the Fitbit Ionic, so decide for yourself!

What can the Fitbit ionic do?

The Fitbit ionic does everything from personal coaching, step tracking and music storage. On top it all, it’s water proof, so you can even use it when you go swimming.

Here is a list of some the most impressive features FitBit ionic fitness trackers have, with the purpose of enhancing your sporting life:

Personal coaching

This feature is designed to create personalised workouts by tracking your fitness to help you reach your fitness goals. The device is meant to get to know you so that it can develop personalised exercise routines for you. It also gives you personal recommendations for parts of the body you should focus on exercising.

Built in GPS

This is a great feature especially if you love running. It helps to track where you go on walks, runs and rides. When you put it into run mode, bike mode or hike mode, it displays the statistics of that workout, and at the end of the workout it will give you a performance summary. Since the Fitbit is designed with an integrated antenna, it can access global satellites, which means you’ll get incredibly clear statistics no matter where you are.

fitness trackers

Heart rate

One key feature is the heartrate monitor. The Fitbit ionic fitness trackers allow you to see what your real-time heartrate is, which tells you whether you’re in a fat burn zone, cardio or peak zone. It helps you to make the most of your workout, by encouraging you to turn up the intensity of your workout.

Water resistant

Another great feature is that it is water resistant. That means if you want to do a workout in the water, like swimming you can. It tracks your activity when put in swim mode and allows you to record your stroke style and tell you the number of calories you’ve burned.

Other features

Some of the other features theses fitness trackers offer are guided breathing exercises. It also allows you to store motivating music that works with Bluetooth headphones.

It even helps you to manage your overall health, helps you to uncover your sleeping patterns, your resting heart rate and cardio fitness level.

It also allows you to choose your own band to personalise your Fitbit: get a band designed for sports, a sophisticated leather band or even stick with the classic grayscale band.

It also has a bunch of other great features that make everyday life easier:

– Allows you to access popular apps, such as your music, the Fitbit app, the weather, and much more.
– In addition, it has a feature that stores your debit or credit card, which it allows you to pay for things without having your wallet on you. Since it has a built in NFC chip, it allows to you to upload your credit or debit cards onto the device so that you can make payments anywhere that contactless payments are accepted.
– In addition, it lets you know when you receive phone calls and texts. It even lets you know when you have notifications from apps like Facebook and Gmail.
– It also allows you to customize your clock face
– It has a long battery life, meaning you only need to charge it every few days.

How do Fitbit ionic fitness trackers cost?

Since you now know all the things the Fitbit ionic can offer you, you’re probably wondering what the price tag is? For all the features it contains, you can purchase the Fitbit ionic for $299.95 from their online shop. This is quite a lot less expensive than apple’s version of the sport watch, which can sell fitness trackers between $459 to $559. The Apple watch offers similar features, though offer more in terms of app service and making contact from the watch.

What about other fitness trackers?

The Fitbit and the Apple watch aren’t the only fitness trackers out there. There are many others that market that vary in price and features. But how do you choose the best fitness tracker watch for you when there are so many out there?

Here are some of the other popular fitness trackers currently trending:

Tomtom Sports – Tomtom sells a series of sports watches that are designed for different sports or activities. They have the Get Fit fitness watch, the Tomtom runner watch, the Tomtom adventurer watch, the Tomtom golf watch, and the Activity tracker. It costs between

Moov Now – these fitness trackers don’t have screens, but allow you to allow your movements through an app on your phone. They are waterproof, and have a battery life of 6 months! They’re also very cheap, costing from $60 up to $150.

Samsung gear fit – this is another trending fitness tracker which allows you to track your fitness through your phone. Its waterproof, has a built-in activity tracker and has a battery life for 3 days. It costs between $260 and $299.

Fitbit series – some of the other apps in the fitness series are Fitbit charge hr which is the most popular of the Fitbit fitness tracker series. You can also get the Fitbit charge 2, the Fitbit surge, the Fitbit flex and finally just the traditional Fitbit.

Apple watch series – finally you may want to go with one of the apple watches from the apple watch series. With the apple watch series, you can get a series 3 with GPS and/cellular or a series 1 apple watch. You can even get a special addition apple watch costing almost $2000.

The trackers mentioned above are only a few of the fitness trackers currently on the markets, but these are the most popular ones. Deciding on which one will be right for you will be a matter of considering what features are most important for to have on your smartwatch. If you’re not fussed on the having different sports and activities tracked, or having personalised workouts created for you, you may want to consider getting something more basic like the Moov Now or even one of the less advanced version of the Fitbit.

Another important factor to consider will be how much you are willing to spend on a fitness tracker. If you are very engaged with your fitness or have set some high goals for yourself, you might want to consider investing in something that will allow you to do that. If buying a more expensive fitness tracker that will offer plenty of features is important to you, but you can’t afford the price tag, you could consider getting a small personal loan. That way you could enjoy the benefits that the fitness tracker brings to your life, and you can pay it off later, in instalments. If you’re interested apply here!