Save Fuel | Tips to Guide You Through the Rising Fuel Prices

How to save money on fuel

Wondering how to save money when it comes to petrol? You're not alone. While filling up is something we all have to do, there are ways to make it less of a hassle.

Petrol rewards credit cards

We all know that our daily commute to work can sometimes get a little tedious, it can also get very pricey. In case you’ve slept in and don’t have time to check where the cheapest petrol stations are, we have a way of saving you time, stress and money. One great idea to save fuel is to get yourself a credit card that carries rewards for savings on petrol, travel and, and life in general. That way, you’re at least getting something back every time you fill up your car.

List of the best petrol rewards credit cards

Shell Card

Using this card is a good way to save fuel as it is designed for business owners with more than one vehicle. In addition, customers can earn Flybuys points when they use their Shell Card at any Shell Coles Express site. The card costs $30 per annum, but the savings can be quite extensive.

American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card

With every dollar that you spend at any major grocery store, including Coles and Woolies, customers can earn up to 3 points. Every dollar spent at a major petrol station earns you 2 points and for every dollar spent on other purchases, you earn 1 point. Although this card comes with an annual fee of $195, points can be redeemed with cashback, gift cards or travel rewards. They also have tie-ups with Velocity, Emirates, Etihad, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. This card also comes with complimentary travel insurance.

David Jones American Express

With this card, it’s easy to rack up those points because for every $1 spent at major supermarkets & petrol stations, you can earn 3 rewards points. This card carries an annual fee of $99 however, in addition to the rewards point, customers who spend over $500 on electrical, homewares, furniture, and bedding items, get 4 years interest-free!

Caltex Star Card

This card is great if you are running a small business.  That’s because it helps you get extra value from your fuel purchases and car costs. The annual fee for the Caltex Star Card is $34.50. Though, if you are running a small business and petrol prices are starting to give you a headache, this card can save you up to 4 cents per litre for every car! You can also earn Qantas Points for petrol, servicing and administration. So, when it comes time to take that well-deserved holiday, you’ll be prepared for it.

  • Other Rewards Cards
  • Woolworth’s Everyday Platinum Card
  • Coles Rewards Mastercard
  • Velocity Frequent Flyer points
  • Motorcharge or Motorpass
  • Fleetcard
  • Collect Petrol Vouchers

One great way to save fuel is to collect the vouchers on the Woolworths and coles receipts. Customers who spend $5 or more at Woolworths and $30 or more at Coles can receive petrol vouchers. Woolworths offers 4 cents off per litre for all Caltex petrol stations that have both Caltex and Woolworths branding on their price boards. Coles also offers 4 cents off per litre for all Shell Coles Express petrol stations. In addition, Coles offers a further 10 cents off per litre of petrol if you spend $20 or more in a Coles Express. So, if you have a sweet tooth or a habit of buying lotto tickets, you could potentially save 14 cents per litre once you pair your Coles Express and Coles Supermarket discounts together.

Other strategies to save fuel

  • Save fuel by making fewer trips
  • Don’t drive in rush hour
  • Close your windows on the motorway to reduce ‘dragging’
  • Remove roof racks when you aren’t using them
  • Don’t carry unnecessary weight
  • Accelerate smoothly
  • Don’t push the accelerator down too far
  • Turn the air-conditioning off when you aren’t using it
  • Stick to the speed limit
  • Check your tyre pressure regularly

Final words

Obviously, a couple of these strategies are not doable. Especially if you are a 9 to 5er and peak hour is really the only time you’re in the car. It may also if you are a parent doing school drop-offs, or you’re the designated driver amongst your friends. That’s because it can be hard to save fuel by reducing the number of trips you take throughout the week. Therefore, it is a great idea to invest in any of the rewards cards listed above. That way you still get the credit for being a free personal taxi driver. Plus, you get something out of it for yourself as well. Reward yourself, you’ve earned it!

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