Christmas ‘tis the season to save money - 18 Nifty tips!

18 tips to save money this Christmas

A red Christmas ornament sitting on a brown oakwood table.

Christmas can be a busy and expensive time! With gifts to buy, food to prepare, and things to decorate, not only can it be a strain on your budget but it can be a bit stressful too. But it doesn’t have to be! We’ve put together some great money tips, to help you cut back on the hefty Christmas costs. You’ll relieve the financial strain but have a good time too! You may explore our small loans page here.

18 Tips to save money at Christmas time!

  1. Make your own Christmas cards. This is an opportunity to get creative! Pick up some paper card from your local craft store and get busy creating. Draw your own Christmas pictures or decorate with bits of old wrapping paper.
  2. Send an e-card. Create an e-card that you can personalise for each recipient. It is a great way to wish your friends and family well, without spending anything at all!
  3. Find items on sale online. Online shopping is great because you can compare many more things in a short space of time. It’s a good way to look for what deals are out there on specific items and find the best bargains.
  4. Use gift cards towards Christmas gifts. We’ve all got those left-over gift cards lying around. Some may not be used or have still some money left on them. If you don’t need to use that money to go towards a particular purpose, use the remaining balances to go towards your gift shopping!
  5. Planning your Christmas expenses. This is important to help you to budget. That’s because it will help you to avoid picking extra things up that you may not need. Allocating how much you are going to spend on gifts, food and decorations will help to keep on track and not overspend.
  6. Do a Secret Santa in the family. This is fun yet a money-smart way to exchange gifts with your family. It means that instead of buying gifts for everyone, you can focus on buying one good present for someone. It could end up being less expensive and less time-consuming!
  7. Cook your gifts! You can have a lot of fun with this and is also an opportunity to be creative. You may want to make Christmas cake, pudding, or other Christmas sweet treats like shortbread or gingerbread. It’s a meaningful gift because it shows that you have put a lot of time and effort into making it.
  8. Create your own gifts. There are heaps of ways you can have fun with this. Make your own candles, soap, jewellery boxes, jewellery and other keepsakes, that are also great gestures that the receiver will be touched by, Some examples of gifts you can make yourselves are: your own soap, your own candles inside old teacups, turn old jewellery broaches into magnets, put together a Christmas hamper, a jewellery box, gingerbread bath bombs, sweater arm wine totes or your own tea bags. There are heaps more things you can do too!

  1. Avoid using your credit card.  When doing your Christmas shopping you may want to avoid taking your credit card with you as it could be more tempting to make impulse expenses if you see something on sale. Taking cash and have a clear objective will help to avoid spending outside of your budget.
  2. Use loyalty cards. This is an opportunity to get discounts on groceries during this busy time.
  3. Don’t over cater. It’s important not to overbuy on food! Make a list of the things you are going to cook so that you don’t buy more food than you need. It could end up going to waste if not used.
  4. Make your own Christmas decorations. Another way to get creative! It’s also a great way to get the kids involved. Some things you could do is turn old photographs into decorations, by cutting them into circles and giving them a cute frame. You can also make little Reindeers, from wine corks, or snowmen from beer bottle caps, or try doing some papier mache ornaments. Save money and keep your kids busy with Christmas-themed crafts.
  5. Buy some extra gifts on sale. When doing your Christmas shopping, pick some extra gifts on sale to keep away for next year. It’s always a good idea to have extra presents stashed away, even to keep for birthdays and other occasions throughout the year.
  6. Recycle some old gifts. Maybe you didn’t use some gifts you were given the previous year. Why not give them to someone who would get better use out of it! It saves you from buying a whole set of brand new gifts.
  7. Turn gifts into a treasure hunt for kids making it more fun! Instead of buying heaps of gifts for the kids, you can draw out the gift unwrapping process by turning it into a fun game.
  8. Shop at Aldi or fruit and veggie market. Shopping at discount stores and markets are a more affordable place to get your Christmas groceries.

  1. Alternatives to wrapping paper. Instead of buying expensive wrapping paper you may not realise that you’ve got quite a few alternative wrapping paper options lying around at home. Why not use newspaper or baking paper and tie it up with a bit of string? Why not use some recycled cloth and tie it up with a ribbon? Some other ideas: use printable wrapping paper or even a vintage scarf!
  2. Give experiences as gifts – jump on Groupon and find some great deals on experiences that you can give as gifts! Not only can they be more affordable, but it will be something they can remember and maybe an activity that you can do as well, so you can make memories together!

Christmas can be an expensive time, but as you can see there are plenty of ways to cut back on Crissy costs! Being a creative, planning things a little better means you might be able to save on some unnecessary expenses so that Christmas doesn’t have to be a financially strained time.

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