Black Friday is here! Get the bucks you need now!

Get ready, Black Friday is here!

Get ready, Black Friday is here!

Ahh Black Friday… a seemingly dark sounding day that actually brings mountains of joy to bargain hunters everywhere. It is a day filled with amazing deals and rock bottom prices, and it marks the true beginning of the Christmas shopping period (even though Christmas decorations have been up in shopping centres since October). Black Friday is the new Boxing Day Sales and we don’t have to wait long for this amazing shopportunity as it hits Australia tomorrow! Yep, that’s right, November 24th is one that you should all have marked in your calendars so not to miss out on these amazing deals!

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Perhaps this is the first you’re hearing of Black Friday? If that is the case, firstly, you’re welcome, and secondly, this may mean that you’re not quite financially prepared to start your Christmas shopping. We’re almost a month out from Christmas so if you are slowly entering a heightened state of panic, jump over here and apply for a loan with us in just minutes. You’ll have your money by tomorrow which means you’ll be all cashed up and ready to go for Black Friday.

What is Black Friday?

Glad you asked!

Black Friday is typically an American tradition that, like most things, has slowly made its way over to Australia. It is a shopping extravaganza that immediately follows Thanksgiving in the USA. It may seem a little strange that everyone wants to trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have, but who are we to judge: sales are sales.

Black Friday also supposedly marks the day when retailers finally begin to turn over a profit for the year. While this international shopping spectacular hasn’t quite reached the frenetic levels of America, more and more Australian retailers are getting on board and offering more discounts and deals. Tomorrow, shoppers and retailers can prepare to cash in on some unbelievable sales.

The name ‘Black Friday’ is said to have started back in the 1960’s when the Philadelphia Police Department needed a way to describe the horrible conditions they experienced that day. Heavy crowds flooded through shopping centres and traffic jams completely barricaded the streets as shoppers flocked to make the most of the year’s best sales. It can be understood that the chaos of Black Friday may have cast a dark shadow over law enforcement everywhere.

Another, more romantic notion arose from the merchant retailers themselves. In the days before computers, accountants and bookkeepers used red ink to denote losses and black ink to denote profit. Therefore, as the shopping extravaganza always falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and it marks the day when retailers begin to turnover a profit, they would have been using black ink for the first time… hence ‘Black Friday’.

No longer will you have just one day to swim through the sea of people in the shopping centres on Boxing Day. You now have an extra opportunity to get all your cheap Christmas shopping done before Christmas even arrives. Imagine just sitting by the pool and relaxing on Boxing day, sipping an Aperol Spritz and smirking at the fact that you’re shopping is done for the year.

Is Black Friday just one day?

Well as the name suggests, you would think that once Friday is over, so are the sales, however this is not the case! The Monday after Black Friday is renowned for a startling array of deals and ones that don’t necessarily mean you have to get off the couch or take the day off work.

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Monday November 27th is known as Cyber Monday and it was created to drive people to do more online shopping. Cyber Monday is yet another American tradition, however due to the fact that the sales are almost wholly online, Australians will be able to take full advantage!

Where can I get the best Black Friday Deals Australia?

Hundreds of retailers are raring up for the shopping crowds that will hit the shopping centres come 9am tomorrow. Here are some of the best sales that will be on offer to you!

  1. Cotton on Body
  2. General Pants
  3. Typo
  4. Puma
  5. GHD
  6. Peony Swimwear
  7. Lorna Jane
  8. Samantha Wills
  9. Surfstitch
  10. K
  11. Rubi Shoes
  12. Mecca
  13. Supre
  14. Cotton On
  15. L.F Cosmetics
  16. Blackmores
  17. Seduce
  18. Beach Bella
  19. The Body Shop
  20. Baby Bunting
  21. Boohoo
  22. Dissh Boutique
  23. Chemist Warehouse
  24. Harvey Norman
  25. Dick Smith
  26. Kogan
  27. Webjet
  28. Sephora
  29. OPSM
  30. Sea Folly
  31. City Beach
  32. Dan Murphy’s
  33. eBay
  34. Microsoft
  35. Amazon

And many more!

These Black Friday sales will range from 15% off to 70% off so you’d be crazy to miss out!

You’ll be able to take full advantage of Black Friday as soon as the stores open so be ready as this year will be packed with special surprises! Some retailers may even take advantage of the whole week, meaning that their sales will carry on through to Sunday.

How to prepare for Black Friday

As Australians, we all know how hectic the Boxing Day sales can get and Black Friday will be no different. Here are some nifty tips on how to make sure you don’t turn Black Friday into the dark day it sounds like.

  1. Make a budget – Although you’re in for some unreal sales, it will be very easy to get over excited and carried away with your spending. Take tonight to decide how much you want to spend/ can afford and then figure out your must-have purchases.
  2. Check the ads – Familiarise yourself with all the Black Friday ads and check the circulars for your favourite stores. Make note of any restrictions, including deals that only run for a certain amount of time on a certain day.
  3. Weigh up online vs in-store shopping – If you can’t deal with the crowds in-store then getting all your shopping done online over the weekend might be the way to go. If the thousands of other shoppers don’t bother you then just make sure you check both the online and in-store prices of your favourite stores to get the best deals.
  4. Craft a game plan – Don’t just plunge into the stores blindly, you will end up crashing straight into a wall of failure and irritation. Window shopping is not an effective plan on a day like Black Friday. Put together a game plan of what you need and what stores you want to visit, kind of like making an itinerary for a holiday except you’re not going anywhere cool but you’re still going to spend all your money.
  5. Prepare to stand in line – The shops are going to be busy, there are going to be lines, and you may end up wanting to headbutt anyone that stands too close to you. Prepare yourself to be patient. The shopping centre will be like a highway, everyone will move slower because it’s busy and there’s nothing you can do about it. You just have to wait and ignore the odd ‘rev head’ who thinks that can go faster than everyone else.
  6. Watch out for final sale items – Before you make a purchase, look at whether it’s marked ‘final sale’. If it is, those products can’t typically be returned so make sure you’re 110% sure about buying it. Familiarise yourself with the stores’ return policies before you buy.
  7. Keep an eye out for coupons – Some stores will give out coupons for further sales either through their mailing list, on their app, or on social media. Keep an eye out for these so you can score even better deals.
  8. Be kind – Being surrounded by hundreds of other people in small shops all trying to do the exact same thing as you can get very frustrating. Be nice to the shop assistance as, unlike you, they’re having to work during some of the best sales of the year. Pack a stress ball or do some breathing exercises for when you start to feel the fire of rage burning up inside. Spend tonight practicing your fake smile and just keep it plastered on your face for the day, you’ll more than likely receive much nicer service.

So that’s all you need to know about Black Friday and we hope you’re prepared for an exciting day! If reading this has made you sink even faster into a heightened state of panic then come see what Nifty can do for you. We  could help you make the most of Black Friday! You can apply in minutes and receive your money just in time for the shops to open tomorrow! Stop thinking ‘I should stop’ as you go to hand over your credit card! With one of our loans, you’ll actually be able to afford everything! Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be.

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