Spring Renovations | 7 Nifty Spring Renovation Ideas

7 Nifty Ways To Bring Spring Into Your Home

Springtime is a special time of year! The flowers are beginning to bloom again and resident birds are declaring their new territories for a season of raising their newborns. But, before you start looking to the skies in terror, take a step outside to enjoy those early moments of spring.

The days are getting longer, the nights are getting shorter and the weather is practically perfect. So, what better time to get back to exploring the outdoors and bring a little spring into your own home? By the way, if you need quick cash loans, Nifty may have options for you.

Your time bundled up indoors this winter no doubt had you dreaming up all kinds of spring projects. Is it finally time for you to get that swimming pool put in? Or how bout a fresh new lick of paint for the living room? Whatever you’re thinking, spring is a great time to make your home just that little bit more special.

If you’re feeling inspired to renovate, here are some ideas to give your home some love this spring:

1. Add An Extension

Feeling a little couped up in your home? If there’s space for an extension to be added on to your home, that extra space could bring new value to your property. Whether you use it as a guest room or a new office – another room could raise the value of your property considerably. The perks of starting your building work in early spring also means you’ll have some leeway. So, if the building project extends longer than expected, no problem! You’ve got time to work with.

2. Repaint The Front Door Or Walls

Nothing breathes new life into a space like a fresh coat of paint! Yet, painting in summer can be almost unbearable. Half the time, the paint starts to play up with the humidity and let’s be honest, who likes to work in the heat?

Spring is also peak season for selling and renting a home. So, if you’re getting your place ready, a lick of paint could help you win over potential buyers or new tenants.

Painting your front door can be a real identity statement. The colour you choose can be playful, working as a great representation of the people living inside. This is also a job that you can do yourself. So, just remember to lay down enough rags to avoid spilling any paint on the floor or on the walls!

3. Impress Your Neighbours With A New Driveway

Revamping your driveway will have your neighbours driving by like “daaaayum”. Before doing anything though, draw up a plan and talk it through with a trusted tradie to see if it’s feasible. A new driveway can be pretty costly, so it’s worth doing some research before you get started. Also, make sure you get the job done properly! This probably isn’t a DIY job, so be careful to choose the right person for the task. If done well, this type of improvement could drastically increase the value of your property. So, you want to take care and see that it’s done well.

4. Build A Swimming Pool

In most of Australia, having a swimming pool is a blessing for a large portion of the year. A refreshing dip to cool you down after a long day can be worth the time and money it takes to build a pool. Getting a swimming pool can also massively improve the value of your property if done well and is an appealing addition to have when it comes round to selling.

Yet, before you start to build, make sure you do your homework as you will be required to do a fair bit of upkeep. By law, having a swimming pool in your home requires a license and fence built around it for health and safety. The council will monitor this, so it’s important to get this part right and to stay on top of it from the get-go.

5. Declutter Your Home

We’re all guilty of being hoarders at times. Sometimes it seems hard to throw things out, especially when they’ve got a story behind them. But let’s face it – do we really need half of the things we keep at the back of the cupboard?

Decluttering and living a more minimal life has been proven to help boost mental health. Ever heard the saying ‘tidy room, tidy mind’? Well, it makes sense, having less stuff means less things to worry about. Also, you never know who might be desperately looking for something that’s actually just gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere.

Plus, just consider the benefits – you could make some extra cash selling things online or donate to your chosen charity and help a worthy cause! It’s really a win-win.

6. Clean Up Your Carpet

Ah, the carpet – keeping it clean can be a bit of a nightmare. How many stains have you managed to cover up by rearranging the couch? Has it got to the point where you finally need to just get down there and scrub it out? If you look online, you’ll find loads of different techniques to give your carpet a deep clean, from homemade potions to professional steamers. With a bit of elbow grease, you can make your carpet look good as new!

Or, if you think your carpet is beyond repair, why not consider replacing it? A new carpet can really up a home’s comfort factor and improve its saleability. That said, the costs of completely replacing your carpet can be steep. So make sure you shop around for a good deal!

7. Don’t Forget About Your Garden!

Grow Some Fruit & Vegetables

As we know, our climate varies from state to state. That means choosing the right plants to plant at this time of the year is crucial. Fortunately, Bunnings has kindly put together a list of the best plants to plant in springtime, so take a look ahead of getting started.

Now, the first thing you want to do is make sure you’ve picked a good location. Your plants are going to need plenty of sunlight, warmth and water, especially in their younger years!

Then, before you plant, you’ll want to prepare your soil. Giving your baby plants a healthy environment to grow in will increase your chances of giving them a long and healthy life. You can prepare your soil with nutrient-rich compost and other fertilisers. You could also lay some mulch down after you’ve planted to keep your soil moist and leave your garden bed looking more attractive.

If you’re not doing so already, you might also want to consider making your own compost at home from your food waste. It doesn’t take much effort to keep up and it’s a great way to put your food waste to good use!

Plant A Tree

Early spring is an ideal time for trees to be planted. Weather conditions are cool but not too cold, allowing them to establish their roots in time for the rain and summer heat to nurture them into adolescence.

Before you plant anything though, it’s important to assess your soil. You can send off a sample of your soil to your local arborist. They will charge a small fee but you’ll get all the information you need to help you choose the right tree.

When your soil is ready, get your hands on a shovel and dig a dish-shaped hole that’s twice the size of the root ball of your young tree. Once the tree is in, refill the hole with compost, dry leaves and healthy soil.

Don’t forget to water the tree regularly, enough to hydrate it but not too much or it will drown.

The Benefits Of Home Improvements

Other than the obvious reason that renovations can add value to a property, home improvements can also make us feel house proud.

Is there really a better feeling than coming home to a place you love to bits? We don’t think so! Taking care of your home and making it your own is a great way to create a welcoming space for you and your family. So, if you’re tired of looking around your home in distaste, it’s time to make a change this spring!

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