8 Things That May Be Damaging Your Stress Management

8 (Secret) Things That Are Seriously Damaging Your Stress Management Goals

We have cultivated several antidotes to stress, whether it be binging your favourite Netflix show, letting go in Yoga, or hanging out with friends. Stress management has become incredibly important in our day to day lives, and management also includes prevention.

So, whether you’re looking at managing stress at work, the causes of stress or ways of coping with stress, read on to find out more about stress management.

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Secret Stress

Stress is sneaky, and it hides in places you wouldn’t even think to look. So, a part of your stress management should be identifying weak spots that are perhaps invisible to the naked eye. When you think stress, the first culprit is typically your job or hectic home life. However, it may be something that’s become so ingrained in your routine that you don’t realise its effect. So, to get on top of stress (before it gets on top of you), let’s look at 7 things you’re doing that are secretly stressing you out.

1: Your Phone

You may think being parted with your phone could increase your risk of a panic attack. However, being too attached to your mobile can set your nerves on edge. In a recent study by Kent State University, researchers discovered that students with higher mobile usage were more prone to stress and anxiety. Of course, it’s not feasible to banish phones altogether. However, to keep a check on stress, set yourself designated mobile free times, like during dinner, exercising and straight before you head to bed. Try it and see if those nasty stress demons are kept more at bay.

2: Not Catching Enough ZZZs

Some of us may treat sleep like a luxury rather than a necessity. You may think that your lack of sleep can be combated with a coffee drip. However, sleep doesn’t just cause heavy eyelids. Skimping on sleep can leave you more susceptible to stress and anxiety. So, make the time in your jam-packed routine to schedule in a good night of sleep, at least 7 to 8 hours. You can do it!

If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep – address it, before it gets worse. Experts advise that if you haven’t slept well for 2 weeks then it’s time to seek professional advice. When it comes to handling stress, it’s important to never forget that there are people to lend you a helping hand. If you find yourself in the deep end, then reach out and ask for a lift up.

3: Social Media

When it comes to stress management and how to deal with stress, this one may not be so secret. For those who participate in an online social sphere, you may know the stress of accidentally liking your ex’s latest photo, or whether your new boss just saw that photo your friend tagged you in over the weekend. Yet perhaps for you, that level of stress is manageable, but if your anxiety levels hit a new high over every like or caption then perhaps it’s time to go off the grid for a bit.

Like anything in life, it doesn’t hurt to take a break and reinvigorate. You may find stress management easier when social media is out of the picture.

4: Night Owl Browsing

Struggling to sleep and think a 30-minute internet browse will help? Guess again. Bedtime browsing can lead to an increase in stress and anxiety. A recent study conducted by the University of Texas-Pan American showed that people who browse the internet within 2 hours of going to sleep, could potentially have higher stress levels. So, maybe trade your nightly Facebook grind for a good night-time read.

5: Avoid the ‘Having it All’ Trend

Has this ever happened to you: you’re having a relaxing time for friends, the weeks’ stress is fading behind laughs and good food, then someone starts talking about that elusive ‘perfect life’. You know, the one where you have it all? Well, News Flash, it’s not possible, so don’t fall into the trap of spending hours sweating over it. Instead of thinking everyone has their life sorted, start believing that no one has any idea WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Believe it, because it’s true and you’ll save yourself a few nights of sleep and a whole lot of stress.

6: Don’t Diet Till Your Heart’s Content

Dieting is an art. It’s not necessarily about following the latest trend. It’s about what’s best for you, what you can handle and your mental health. If your mental health is struggling on your new diet, ditch it. Instead of simply following the latest craze to hit the shelves, design your own diet plan from research and your own knowledge of your lifestyle. And to keep your stress in check, schedule some time to treat yourself to a snack or maybe two!

7: Keep Tidy

When life is busy and chaos reigns, perhaps it’s time to have a look at the state of your kitchen or bedroom. You may not think you’re a messy person, however, your home may tell quite a different story. We all know the temptation of throwing your work clothes on the floor and getting straight to the relaxing. Yet, the mess in your room could be causing a whirlwind of stress in your life. So, a few times a week, set aside time to keep your chill spaces clean and tidy, and who knows it could be therapeutic?

8: Give to Others

Donating to others in their time of need will help put your stress in perspective. There are plenty of ways to donate to those in need. Whether you want to donate time or money, look for a cause you’re passionate about, and get to work!

It’s All About You

After you’re able to identify secret pockets of stress in your life, you can then work on adjusting your routine to reduce stress. And don’t be afraid to experiment. Let’s say you cut out phone usage before bed, but you don’t see a difference in your stressful life, then try something else. Experiment and see what stress management works for you. Find out how YOU deal with stress.

What to Ignore

To help you how to deal with stress initiate we’re sure you’ve begun by now, you can also look at what to ignore. In life, there are circumstances that spring up without warning that you simply cannot avoid. To help manage unexpected stress, have a look at a few seemingly stressful things, you should just ignore.

Ignore Negativity

If there is one thing you can’t fix it’s how other people feel, however, you can certainly adjust how you respond to other people’s behaviour. So, if you find yourself sharing the same air with some pretty blatant negativity, then just ignore it. Create a shield of positive thoughts and thankfulness, and get on with your day.

Ignore People’s Opinion of You

Some people just love to have an opinion, even if it’s about you and your business. We all know that one person always puts their two cents in. It’s enough to deal with your own opinion of yourself, let alone worry about someone else’s. So, do yourself a favour and just focus on what makes you happy, without worrying about what everyone is saying.

Ignore the Easy Way

It’s a simple fact. Unfortunately, life is just not easy. So, give up the idea that there is an easier way. Remember that the hard stuff is what’s satisfying, and challenges are what makes life exciting.

DON’T Ignore Change

Be open to change. Most of the time change and stress can go hand-in-hand, but instead of stressing about change, learn to face it head-on and get excited about what’s coming. Try to find the light in the dark, and see how a new change could improve your stress management.

We want to hear from you

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