A Nifty Way to Throw Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

A Nifty Way to Make Your Wedding Dream Come True On A Budget!

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“Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born:
Yours is the darkness of my soul’s return —you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars”
—E.E. Cummings

If you’re like most people, you feel your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. The wedding dress is the centrepiece of this lovely occasion. Many women have daydreamed about their dream wedding as young girls and have specific concepts of what their dress will look like. Others haven’t given this a second thought until the occasion arose and are rushing to make plans before the big day, feverishly turning to blogs for inspiration and advice. Still others have both specific notions of how their dream wedding dress will look and need no further tips, and it is their budget rather than their imagination that limits them.

We realise that when your partner pops the big question, you may find yourself in any of these situations. Never fear! Nifty is here to comb through all the tips and tricks and bring you the essential info to help overcome any challenge standing between you and your wedding dream.

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Your Very Own Wedding Dream

We’ll start with the latest wedding dress trends and tendencies in Australia and move on to tips on choosing the best style and design for your body type. Every woman has the right to make her wedding dream come true irrespective of body type and this should not even be perceived as a deterrent.
Another deterrent we can help you overcome involves the financial aspect – you can live your wedding dream without compromising on your budget. It’s possible to have your dream wedding on a budget. And there’s no need for the budget to spoil things.

The Trends: Colour, Capes, and Boat Necklines

Meghan Markle’s wedding served as inspiration to almost every world designer, bringing bateau (boat-shaped necklines) back with a vengeance. No need to feel pressured if this isn’t exactly your style though – high-neck dresses are also quite popular this season.

Those who’d like to escape the traditional white and all disadvantages going with this brilliant colour (such as being able to wear your dream wedding dress on that single occasion) can feel free to do so this year and next. There’s nothing like a cream-coloured, baby blue, rose gold dress, verdant green, periwinkle or even violet purple to make an impression and a bold fashion statement. Shades of the tone of your choice can be used for the bouquets, table décor, and even in the invitation design.

Sleeved dresses are big this season, as are capes, which were all the rage at bridal fashion shows in the past season too.

Free, creative thinkers will be happy to learn about one unexpected, yet very real trend – a midriff bridal outfit. This is a two-piece dress showing off the stomach that’s perfect for slender body types. And on that note…let’s talk body type and how to dress for yours.

The Dream Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

A tight-fitting bodice with a flowing skirt is many women’s wedding dream come true. Slim, tall women will find tight, strapless bodices with straight-line skirts ideal, while bareback models with plunging V-necks serve to accentuate curves and make one look taller. Asymmetrical necklines are also a good idea for short women, creating the illusion of height.

The shade of the dress should complement the skin tone. Whites and pastels are most suitable for darker skin, while blue or pink with embellishments like sequins and jewels will look gorgeous against a pale complexion. Those of you who prefer more conventional styles would do well to opt for the classical Baroque with flowing skirts and long sleeves.

If you really want your dream wedding to be memorable for your guests, why not go all out with a train dress? Mermaid train dresses were a hallmark on bridal fashion runways this season.

Body Types

Dresses come in a variety of lengths and shapes to suit different body types. There are six body types: pear shaped, apple-shaped, curvy, slender, petite and, of course, the hourglass shape.

The Dream Dress for Pear Shapes

To bring out the beauty of pear-shaped body types, go for a V-, scoop, or cowl neck with bell-shaped sleeves. Generally, more structured or fitted tops help define narrow shoulders.

If you’d like to accentuate your waist or tone down the hips, an A-line shape spreading out or a ball gown style is the best option. You will achieve the desired effect because your dream wedding dress will come together at your waist, drawing attention to the smallest point of the body. Curvier body types might choose a dress with a slit and/or low-back style.

A strapless or halter design is the best option for women looking to balance their frame or show off their shoulders.

Top Tip for Apple Shapes: Strapless or Low Neckline

Apple-shaped body types will find strapless styles really compliment their body type. Dresses with a lower neckline are A-line styles are quite flattering. Darker colour accessories are always fun to play around with.

Great Versatility for Hourglass Types

Hourglass figures enjoy the most flexibility when it comes to dream wedding dresses. Elbow-length sleeves will draw attention to the waist. If you don’t like this style, you could try a flutter or cap sleeve gown. Fit and flare or wrap dresses were practically designed with the hourglass figure in mind, accentuating their best features naturally. To highlight the beautiful narrow waist, an empire silhouette will work wonders.

One thing your hourglass figure should not be subjected to is a flowy dress. If your dream dress is loose-fitting or a trapeze style, wear it with a belt to define your curves. Those that prefer a more modest look could go for a dress with a high waist reaching down to the knees. This style embellishes the hips, doing your breathtaking natural curves justice.

Athletic Girls’ Wedding Dream: Embellished Necklines and Open Backs

Slender, athletic types might choose styles with embellished necklines, statement collars, or strapless gowns to emphasize their bust. Halters are an excellent choice, as are dresses with an open back and high neck. As always, go for a dress above the knee if you want to show off your legs. Any dress length would be flattering to your body type. Wear a thin belt to define the waistline and choose an A-line style if you’d like to minimize somewhere.

After you’ve chosen your dream wedding dress, there is one last step to take – financing your purchase. A loan from Nifty is a great option for funding a wedding dream.
The dress may be the focal point, but it’s not the only factor of your wedding dream. There’s still a lot to organise, and at this point, expenses are starting to build. However, don’t worry, we’ll cover the budget soon.

The Mesmerizing Setting of your Wedding Dream

The choice of location of your wedding is a crucial one, and budget and space can be a field of compromise. This process can take quite a lot of time as you’ll have to visit each site. Hotels are a classic and very convenient option, but far from the only one. People are moving towards places with natural lighting, such as glass buildings, or spaces with windows stretching from the ceiling down to the floor, so you can even choose an industrial-based location. Current trends involve airy, spacious locations with exposed metal or brick accents. Beach weddings and garden weddings are always a delightful option, however, are subject to weather conditions, but hey, rain on your wedding day brings good luck, right?

Get ready to smile – a lot!

Photos are an integral part of this lovely occasion, ensuring your wedding dream will never fade away. Your photos are not only a memory; they may serve as decoration in your next home. Generally, a professional wedding photographer will know what moments to capture. Still, you need to tell him or her if there are any specific people or moments that you want present.

The Engagement Shoot

Photos don’t start on the big day – the engagement shoot is important as well. This is a good time to get to know your photographer and get a grasp of how they work. The groom needs to be involved. Both of you need to be prepared for a lot of wardrobe changes because many photos in multiple settings will be taken. Your choice of venue will determine the feel of the images. If you’re looking for some extra moolah to make your engagement extra special, apply with Nifty for engagement ring finance.

Photos at the Church

If you’re having a church wedding, make sure to check their policies – some churches don’t allow photos. On the day itself, important moments such as your arrival, the groom’s expression, and walking down the aisle is an essential capture. Make sure you save some time for photos after the ceremony too. This usually takes around half an hour. Most of these will be group photos with friends, relatives, and other guests.

The Reception

Do let your photographer know what kind of photos you want at the reception and who/what you specifically want in them. This is when most photos are taken. Normally, as many shots as possible are produced to avoid missing important moments.

Your wedding dream photos play a crucial role in preserving the memory of this unique event. Finding a photographer whose style you like may be time-consuming, but it’s an effort worth making.

The Budget

Now, we’ve definitely covered the wedding basics, but can you create your wedding dream on a budget? Yes, you certainly can! And Nifty is here to help.

When you think budget, you can immediately think cheap, but at Nifty Loans, we like to think of budgeting as smart! Budgeting is simply allocating funds where they’re needed most. So, if your wedding dream is a little steep, check out these 5 tips to create your wedding dream on a budget.

Tip 1: Go Digital

With a splash of creatively and a blank canvas, you can create digital invitations for free! Canva is a super easy graphic design program and the standard program is free. And digital is environmentally friendly – completely paperless (just like Nifty!). So, get designing today and create beautiful wedding invitations that are kind to your budget and the environment.

Tip 2: Designing your own floral arrangements

There’s something special about creating. Your creation may not be the best money can buy, however, you’ll have the gift of pride, knowing it’s your work. Of course, if you’re not a creative mind, that’s fine! You can always call on your faithful bridesmaids for some tips.

Tip 3: DIY DJ

Instead of hiring a DJ to play songs you love, just choose your own, and put the money towards a quality sound system. You can create a playlist celebrating your relationship with your partner.

Tip 4: Food trumps presents

Everyone loves presents, however, why not have presents in the form of food for your wedding. Instead of sending out of a registry, ask your guest to bring a plate of food for everyone to share. That saves forking out the big bucks for a caterer.

Tip 5: Borrowed Style

If you can borrow it, do it! Rather than spending money on things you’ll only use once, ask around and see if someone has anything to suit your wedding dream. Whether it’s a car for the arrival, arrangements for the centrepiece or makeup for your dream look – ask around and see what you can find.

If you looking for some extra cash to spruce up your wedding dream, apply with Nifty Loans for wedding loans.

Let’s be friends

What comes after the wedding? The honeymoon, of course! You may be thinking you don’t have any moolah left over for the honeymoon. Well, never fear, you can always apply with Nifty Loans for a holiday loan! Or, stay tuned for our tips on how to afford the perfect honeymoon, without sacrificing the luxury.

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