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Looking into travel loans to help fund your next big adventure? Well, you’re in the right place!

Planning a holiday is one of our favourite things to do. Where will the travel bug take you next? Snorkelling in a crystal blue Greek lagoon? Skiing in the French Alps? Or perhaps you’re more of a hiking Machu Picchu kind of person? It’s always a good time to travel and make some lasting memories (or getting the perfect snap for your insta…we’re all guilty of it!).

We also know that taking a mental health break in the form of a holiday is important to your sanity and future success. It’s been argued that we’re working harder and longer than ever, so for the sake of our happiness and wellbeing, we all need a little time off. Not to mention the memories of blue lagoons to get you through the inevitable winter blues. Don’t let your plans turn into simple daydreams due to a lack of funds. With our holiday loans, Nifty Loans can help you get that Thailand trip, kick your feet up and finally take a relaxing breath while you enjoy the change of scenery.

What are Holiday Loans?

Perhaps you’ve seen an amazing, one time only holiday deal that you’re keen to take advantage of, but you’re a bit short on cash? Or maybe you’ve already booked your dream escape but need a helping hand to cover the final costs?

No problem! The Nifty Loans fairies may be able to grant your holiday wishes with one of our vacation loans! We’ve got you covered, whether it’s a long weekend holiday away or that dream trip to Europe, offering travel loans from $300 to $5,000, repaid over a period of up to 24-months.

Our holiday loans can be used for any destination, so your imagination and the sky really are the only limits!

Now that’s Nifty!

Can Nifty Loans help me out with a holiday loan?

We sure can! Just submit your application by hitting the Apply button at the top of this page and you could be on your way to your next destination before you know it!

Our applications are super fast, it’s a 100% online process, taking only a few minutes and you’ll have your outcome quickly, too. One of our specialist team members will aim to have your application assessed within 60 minutes, during normal business hours. If it takes a little longer it may be because we need some extra documentation from you – we’ll let you know if that’s the case, though. If we receive your application outside of business hours, we’ll get onto it first thing next business day!

If you’re approved and have reviewed and signed your contract (during business hours), we then deposit your funds directly into your bank account in the next banking round,  you should receive the funds later that day however, the latest you will receive them will be overnight. Just remember that funds processing times are subject to normal interbank transfer times. It’s as easy as that.

So, if you’re looking for a holiday loan then look no further! Nifty Loans specialises in quick, hassle-free lending process. And the best part? You can use them for a bunch of different holiday-related costs. Flights, accommodation, extra spending money, tour costs – it’s up to you!

Should I get a holiday loan or a credit card?

If you haven’t managed to save all the money for your holiday but your departure date is creeping up on you fast, you have a couple of options for financing your dream trip. You can choose to fund your trip with either a personal loan for a holiday or a credit card. Now obviously both options have a different set of pro’s and con’s, which we’re gonna run through for you now.

Holiday Loans

Taking out a personal loan or holiday loan is a fantastic way to finance your upcoming trip. You’ll receive the funds before you leave and you’ll know exactly what your repayment terms are. This will make it super easy for you in terms of future budgeting. You’ll know exactly how long your contract is and what your future repayments are going to be. There are also a bunch of lenders out there that allow you to pay off your loan early without charging you early exit fees (Such as us, here at Nifty Loans) if you’re in a position to pay early. This is a great way to save on a few monthly or interest fees. Your set repayments will also ensure that you actually do pay your loan off in a reasonable amount of time.

Having a set amount of funds also helps you avoid overspending (something we all do on holiday, admit it)! As amazing as that room or flight upgrade was, it’s super easy for all of the holiday expenses to pile up, and quickly. By sticking to your available funds you’ll be able to keep these extra expenses to a minimum and not end up wondering how you spent so much more than you actually had!

Just remember to budget for your repayments while you’re away on holiday!

Credit card

A credit card is also a good option to fund your next overseas trip. There are credit cards out there that are specifically tailored to helping you pay for your holiday, on the go. Many will also have extra incentives such as complimentary (or discounted) travel insurance, reduced foreign transaction fees, and longer interest-free terms. So, if you’re able to comfortably make the maximum monthly repayment amounts once your interest-free period is up, a credit card could be a great way to go. Just keep in mind that with many credit cards, after the interest-free period is up, the interest rate will revert to an astronomically high rate for the remaining balance left on your card. Make sure you do your research beforehand and know all possible fees and rates that you could be charged.

Another thing to watch out for with credit cards is that sneaky little habit we have of reusing them. We pay a bit off, and then unthinkingly wack another few dollars on! This tends to add up, fast and can lead to your credit card debt not really decreasing. Credit cards tend to be a little harder to budget for.

Repayments will change monthly, depending on your current balance owing and the interest rate being applied. But if you have the willpower and discipline to stop using your card after your holiday is up and can pay your balance off before the interest-free period is up, a credit card could be a great idea for you.

Nifty’s tips to help reduce holiday expenses and make your holiday loan go further

Now that you’ve decided on your holiday destination, grabbed your bathers and secured your funding, let’s have a look at a few ways you can reduce the overall costs and make your moolah go that much further!

Keep an eye open for add-ons! You should try and nab deals where extra’s like breaky or wifi are included in the price. These may seem like small costs, but they can really add up over the period of your holiday and take a significant chunk from your travel budget.

Keep an eye on the exchange rate. If you’re travelling overseas, keeping an eye on the exchange rate in the lead up to your holiday can really help you in the long run. If you manage to buy a bunch of currency at an all-time low before you’ve even left, you’re going to save yourself a bunch in exchange rates later on. Also, try to avoid purchasing foreign currency at airports! Their exchange rates are notoriously bad.

Travel the road less travelled.

Popular doesn’t necessarily always mean better. Try going somewhere that isn’t a huge tourist hotspot and you’ll save a huge amount of money. Tourist hotspots are always going to be much more expensive than other destinations, not to mention more crowded and commercialised. Still, have your heart set on Greece? No worries, have you considered one of the less travelled islands rather than Santorini? Your options really are endless here.

Hang with the locals!

Not only are you really dipping your toes into the local culture here, but you’ll be paying the local prices. Eat at an overpriced Western restaurant, or eat local, experience the genuine cuisine and pay a fraction of the cost?

Can I still get a holiday loan if I have bad credit?

Here at Nifty Loans, we don’t believe that your credit report is the be-all and end-all. As responsible lenders, we do conduct credit checks on all loans, but they’re not the only criteria that we look at. We take your current relationship with money into account as well and consider how you are handling your finances now. We don’t believe that your past should automatically exclude you from being eligible for a holiday loan. How do we assess your current situation I hear you say? By taking a look at your most recent bank statements and following our comprehensive set of lending criteria! This will help us assess your current financial situation to see if a holiday loan is the right thing for you.

Can I get a holiday loan if I am receiving Centrelink income?

Absolutely! If you’re receiving Centrelink Benefits you are definitely eligible to apply for one of our holiday loans, so please pop an application in and one of assessment team members will take a look at it for you.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your application, feel free to give our friendly customer service stars a call and they can help you out with any questions you may have.

Am I eligible?

Are you:

  • At least 18-years of age?;
  • Receiving a regular income (we accept both work and Centrelink income!) into a personal bank account for at least the last 90 days?;
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident?;
  • Able to access an active mobile number and email address?

Then yes you are eligible!

So if you’re interested in one of our holiday loans please hit the Apply Now button at the top of the page and chat with our friendly customer service stars to see how we can help you out today.

How do I repay my holiday loan?

We’ve made repaying your holiday loan a piece of cake!

If your application is approved we set up your repayments to be automatically direct debited from your account in line with your pay. It’s as easy as that! No need to worry about remembering to make your payment on time as we do everything for you. All you need to do is ensure the funds are available in your account on your repayment day.

Once your holiday loan has been repaid in full, your direct debit repayments will automatically stop so there is no need to worry about that either.

So quick, grab your bathers and get your snorkels ready, the beach is waiting for you (shhhwwwisssshhhh sswwwissshhhh – can you already hear it?)

What should I know when I’m thinking about applying?

Who is this product for?Those wanting to take a holiday!
What do you need to be eligible?A current mobile number. Receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for at least the last 90 days. Over 18-years of age. Australian citizen or permanent resident
How long do you have to repay your loan?Customers will have up to 24-months to complete their loan repayments
Available Loan typesFixed
LenderNifty Personal Loans

Therefore, why wait! Your holiday won’t!

If you APPLY NOW by the time you finish packing and organising, your application could be processed and you can be on your way to that much needed chillaxing time away!

Hit the Apply Now button and start your partnership with Nifty Personal loans today!

You can also read up on the latest in finance and lifestyle over on our blog! Read up on 7 spooky Aussie money facts this Halloween season!

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Loan amount:$1,000
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* Not applicable. Small loans do not charge an annual interest rate.

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