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loans for people on Centrelink

Receiving Centrelink payments is not a mark against your character. Sometimes we all need a helping hand to boost finances and get us back on track. Loans for people on Centrelink can sometimes be tricky to find. As a result, navigating the sea of lenders that do provide loans for people on Centrelink can be gruelling. In addition, receiving Centrelink payments should not define your entire financial image. As a result, knowing how to look for loans for people on Centrelink can be tricky. Furthermore, certain lenders will automatically judge your situation without even seeing the whole scope of your finances. If you have bad credit history, we may still be able to help you; visit our bad credit loans page.

So, are there loans for people on Centrelink?

Yes! Traditional lenders may be less flexible when it comes to small loans for people on Centrelink, however, don’t fear! There are plenty of variable options for people on Centrelink. It can be difficult navigating the course of small loans for people on Centrelink, so here are some handy tricks to keep up your sleeve when you’re on the hunt.

Info for applying for loans for people on Centrelink

  • Know whether you can apply or not: Before applying for a loan, if you’re on Centrelink, it’s important to know if you’re eligible. Therefore, scan through the minimum requirements for that lender, and see if you meet the criteria before applying. However, most loans for people on Centrelink are assessed on a conditional basis.
  • Read the fine print : Loans may be advised for people on Centrelink, however, it’s important to check other conditions surrounding the approval. Such as a regular income, or employment requirements.
  • Shop around : Furthermore, browse the loan market for the best option that suits your financial needs. Ultimately, decide on a personal loan you can afford to repay.

So, when applying for loans for people on Centrelink, it’s important to know what payments you’re receiving and how they’ll affect your loan application.  So, the most common Centrelink payments are:

  • Family Tax Benefit;
  • Child Support Payments;
  • Age Pension;
  • Carer’s Allowance;
  • Unemployment Benefits.

In addition, the different types of Centrelink payments may be accepted varies from lender to lender. At Nifty loans, we consider most Centrelink payments as income, so don’t fret if you’re receiving Centrelink payments.

However, we generally don’t accept Newstart, Youth Allowance or Farm household allowance as we consider them a temporary source of income.

Still not sure about the different types of loans on Centrelink?

Find yourself getting a little confused about all the different types of loans that are out there? We get it! That’s why over the years, we have written many articles explaining what the different names and terms mean. To make things easy for you, you can find in the table below links to some of the other Centrelink Loans pages we have written.

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Centrelink Loans

If you are on certain Centrelink benefits, you may be eligible for an advance payment. Centrelink could pay you a portion of your future benefits early. These loans will incur no interest, and you could repay the advance out of your future Centrelink payments. You may not need to arrange these repayments, as Centrelink will automatically deduct them from your benefits. For many people, this advance payment option may be preferable to taking out a short term loan. You should consider applying with Centrelink before lodging an application with Nifty. For more information, and to see if you’re eligible for an advance payment on your benefits, visit the Department of Human Services.

What’s so great about a personal loan?

Receiving Centrelink payments should not stop you from being able to borrow money when you need to. A small personal loan provides flexibility for your finances. As a result, there is a myriad of reasons for taking out a small cash loan. In addition to providing you with some inspiration, here a list of reasons people take out personal loans:

However, your reason not on the list? No worries – cash loans can cater to most expenses.

So, what are the benefits of a personal loan?

Loans for people on Centrelink have many benefits when it comes to sorting out your finances. Sometimes life calls for a little pick-me-up and that’s exactly what a personal loan is! Furthermore, here are just some of the benefits of a same day approval personal loan:

  • Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility! A personal loan can be utilised for any purpose. As a result, the world is your oyster when it comes to personal loans for people on Centrelink.
  • Consolidate debt: If you have multiple bills, consolidating all your debt into one loan can reduce your weekly repayments.
  • Emergency funds : So, need money quick? A personal loan is the ticket! Loans for people on Centrelink are typically approved within the same day if you apply for a loan within business hours.

Nifty and loans for people on Centrelink

At Nifty Loans, we know that applicants on Centrelink would have already suffered from an onslaught of paperwork when applying for their benefits. Therefore, at Nifty we offer no paperwork loans for people on Centrelink! So, our loans for people on Centrelink are fast loans and hassle-free.

To be eligible to apply for a Nifty cash advance here’s what you need:

You need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident

      1. Over 18 years of age
      2. You have been receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for 3 months (we consider Centrelink payments as a regular income)
      3. Have an active mobile number and email address (when you apply for a loan for people on Centrelink, we will be sending you important information through both these channels so keep an eye out!)

Furthermore, if you are not receiving enough from Centrelink per week or fortnight to qualify, it is worth having a look at what other Centrelink benefits you may be entitled to and maximise your payments before you apply for a loan.

Therefore, you can visit the Department of Human Services and do a free Centrelink benefits check to make sure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to for your circumstances.

Responsible Lending

At Nifty personal loans we adhere to responsible lending policies to provide you with the most suitable instant loan for your circumstances.

As a result, we urge you to consider, before you borrow money, whether the loan repayments are going to be realistic for you. Furthermore, as we adhere to responsible lending practices, we will never lend you more than you can afford to repay.

Things you could consider when applying for a loan when you’re on Centrelink

So, is it going to be affordable?

It is easier to accept money and much harder to pay it back, so, you should consider this when applying for a loan and only apply for quick loans when you really need to.

While we don’t offer no credit check loans, we might still be able to help out those who have bad credit history. Even if you are unemployed and receive Centrelink we may still be able to help you, visit our loans for the unemployed page for more details. Learn more about payday loans pitfalls here.

Why loans for people on Centrelink may be knocked back

If we are unfortunately unable to help you with a loan at this time it is usually because we are adhering to our responsible lending obligations and you may not be able to afford to repay the loan at this point in time.

Therefore, giving yourself the best chance at approval is a huge head start to getting the loan you want, when you want it and fast!

Furthermore, get in touch with one of our friendly customer service staff and discuss what the best option for your loan situation would be they are more than happy to help you through the process or give you advice on what you can do.

So, receiving Centrelink? Apply today for fast and easy loans for people on Centrelink.

Who can apply?

18 Years and Older Can Apply For Loans

You're at least 18 years old

Personal Loans Australia

You're an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Emergency Cash Loans When Earning an Income For More Than 3 Months

You've been receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for at least 3 months.

Our Money Lenders Will Be In Contact

You have an active mobile number and email address.

How it works

Small Loans

$300 - $2,000

Quick Small Loans - Borrow Money Now
Loan amounts:$300 - $2,000
Terms:3 - 6 months
Establishment fee:20%
Monthly Fee:4%
APR:N / A *
Comparison Rate:138.37%**

Small Loan Example

Loan amount:$1,000
Terms:6 Months,
(24 weekly repayments)
Establishment fee:$200
Total other fees:$240
Total payable:$1,440
Weekly installments:$60.00

Medium Loans

$2,001 - $4,600

Medium Loans In An Hour Once Approval Has Been Confirmed
Loan amounts:$2,001 - $4,600
Terms:13 - 24 months
Establishment fee:$400
Monthly Fee:$0
Comparison Rate:65.86%**

Medium Loan Example

Loan amount:$2,500
Terms:24 Months,
(104 weekly repayments)
Establishment fee:$400
Total other fees:$1,609.44 (reducing interest)
Total payable:$4,509.44
Weekly installments:$43.36

Large Loans


Get Fast Money Today - Small to Big Cash Loans
Loan amount:$5,000
Terms:13 - 24 months
Establishment fee:Variable
Monthly Fee:$0
Comparison Rate:48%**

Large Loan Example

Loan amounts:$5,000
Terms:18 months,
(78 weekly repayments)
Total Interest:$1,897.54
Total payable:$6,897.54
Weekly installments:$88.43

* Not applicable. Small loans do not charge an annual interest rate.

** WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate with the lender that finances your loan. Different loans may include other payable fees and charges. All fees and charges will always be displayed on your loan contract.

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