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What makes Victoria so great?

Being Australia’s capital of art, coffee, and culture, Victoria attracts visitors all year round. No matter if you’re after lush forests and remote beaches or prefer fancy art galleries and buzzing metropolis nightlife, Victoria has it all. However, many of these attractions come with a price tag and at Nifty, we know life doesn’t always go to plan. If you’ve been looking for cash loans Victoria to boost your cash flow, you could be in the right place.

If you need to improve your cash flow quickly, our cash loans Victoria could be the way to go. Our personal loans are quick and easy: Most people submit their online application within a few minutes. We’re 100% online, no paperwork, no opening hours that could get into your way. If you apply during AEST business hours, you could get your outcome on the same day* of your application.

What are cash loans Victoria?

At Nifty, we offer personal loans for people living in Victoria. If you are wondering how much you can borrow, we provide small, medium, and large loans to boost your finances when you need it. Our loans range from $2,100 to $15,000, loan terms and interest vary depending on your personal situation. If you are curious about costs and fees, we are completely transparent: general costs and fees are stated online, while your specific offer will be explained in your loan contract. We recommend you read it carefully before you sign anything.

Victoria: The cultural centre of Australia

If you love museums, good music, and culinary specialties, Melbourne is the place to be. The cultural capital of Australia is famous for its excellent coffee culture and vibrant art scene. The neighbouring Yarra Valley is worth a visit if you enjoy wine and good food, while the Great Ocean Road is perfect for a road trip next to the beach. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, Victoria offers something for everyone. However, struggles with money can easily put a dampener on your excitement. If you’ve been looking for cash loans Victoria to relieve financial pressure or to make a bigger purchase you don’t have the funds for, you’ve come to the right place. At Nifty, we can help with an easy personal loan.

The Nifty way of lending

Let’s get to know each other! We are Nifty Loans, maybe the best lending service you will ever come across. We really live up to our name. Our loans are absolutely stress-free and hardly take any time. It is our mission to provide excellent lending services to our customers, every single time.

We hate paperwork as much as you do. Our application is 100% online and can be ready to submit within a few minutes only. If you submit your application during our business hours, you may receive your outcome on the same day after applying. Our online process is made to fit your lifestyle. You can apply from anywhere at any time. We don’t care if you are on your way to a fine restaurant for a wine tasting with your friends or chilling at the beach after a surf, apply on your terms.

Who is eligible for a personal loan?

We want to make fast cash easy to apply for. In fact, you could get your outcome on the same day*, so we won’t waste your time. However, we still require a few things before you apply:

  • You are at least 18 years old;
  • Have Australian citizenship or be a permanent resident;
  • Provide an online banking account with a payment history of at least 3 months;
  • You have a mobile number and email address, so we can contact you.

If that applies to you, your access to cash loans Victoria is right in front of you. Hit us up if you have any additional questions about your eligibility. You can contact our customer service team on our contact page. They can give you peace of mind if you are unsure if you are eligible.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer cash loans Victoria for people who receive a pension?

At Nifty, we made it our mission to make finance accessible to anyone. We know receiving a small pension can make it harder to get accepted for a loan. Not with us. If you meet our requirements, you’re welcome to apply for a loan with us. We offer car loans for pensioners and personal loans for pensioners. Whatever you need, we’ve got your back. If you need a vehicle to improve your mobility or have to pay for a big unexpected bill, a Nifty loan may provide short-term relief for your financial pressure.

I’ve got bad credit, what can I do?

We know, mistakes happen and life doesn’t always go to plan. You may end up with bad credit from up to 7 years ago. That’s a long time and your relationship may have changed completely since then. While we do perform a credit check, it’s not all we look at. We assess your financial situation thoroughly before making a decision about suitability and affordability. So don’t worry, we look at many other factors, too, and we may still be able to offer you a personal loan despite your credit rating.

How fast can I get cash from Nifty?

We know, time can be a pressing matter when applying for a loan. With life moving on fast these days, we won’t make you wait. Nifty provides quick cash loans online that will be in your bank account in no time. If you apply during AEST business hours, you could receive an outcome on the same day*. It may take a little longer if we require additional documents or if you apply outside of our business hours. Once we receive your signed loan contract back, we will send you the cash as soon as possible. If you are with a bank that is NPP-enabled, you will see your new balance within 60-seconds**, otherwise, it depends on your banking provider.

How do I repay cash loans Victoria?

Luckily, it’s super easy. We help you set up a frequency and a date for repayments. Once that is set, it will be debited from your bank account automatically and you can forget about it until we are even. If you need to make changes at any time during the lifespan of your credit, our customer service team is only a call away.

What if I miss a payment?

We know your financial situation could change unexpectedly and it’s good to know what happens in a worst-case-scenario. All costs and fees regarding missed payments are stated in your loan contract. You should get in touch with us as soon as you know and discuss your options. We may be able to find a solution that works for both sides. Otherwise, a penalty fee will be charged.

What am I allowed to do with my loan?

When submitting your application, we will ask for the purpose of your personal loan. You should know what you want to use it for in advance to make it easier for us to assess suitability.

Get married. A wedding or any other big personal event is pricey but you don’t want to compromise on your big day, right? A personal loan could boost your finances and make your dreams come true.
Get your car fixed. Owning a car can come with unexpected expenses and car repairs can get pricey very quickly. You shouldn’t have to compromise on safety. So get back on the road with a Nifty loan.
Move to your dream destination. Moving comes with a tail of big expenses: transportation, potential damage to your old property, new furniture and a rental bond. If you are relocating to Victoria or ready to move within the state, Nifty can help you cover your expenses and repay them at your own pace.
Pay for unexpected bills. Sometimes a big bill hits you and messes with your budget. A personal loan can provide short-term relief of financial pressure when you need it the most. No matter if medical bills, a visit to the vet or a broken fridge, we are here to help.
Are you ready to apply?

What are you waiting for? If you feel like we left any questions open about cash loans Victoria, we are happy to help! Otherwise, submit your application today and get your outcome on the same day* during AEST hours! Isn’t that Nifty?

While we don’t offer interest-only loans, we have all the helpful information you need to know.

*If you apply during business hours and we don’t require any additional information from you

**If your bank supports NPP transactions