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Fitness Fads That Actually Work

Most fitness fads are here one minute and gone the next, replaced by something faster and even more convenient. It’s difficult to know which ones actually work and which ones are, well… a total waste of time and money. With mobile phones, apps, Facebook, and Instagram, fitness fads are more prominent and accessible than ever. You can literally access new diets, workouts and fitness regimes with the click of a button. So, if you’ve spent hours googling for ‘chest workout at home’, ‘cardio workout at home’, ‘shoulder workout at home’, or ‘abs workout at home’ (we know you have) stop right where you are! Nifty has investigated the current fitness fads that actually work. So, who can you really trust? PS. Check us out if you need an online loan option.

What Are Your Goals

Before you actually start a new workout regime it is important to recognise what your goals actually are. Maybe you want to lose a few kilos, maybe your goal is to gain strength and muscle mass, or maybe you simply want to exercise for your mental health and wellbeing. Whatever the reason, it is important to recognise what you would like to achieve.

Injuries are an important thing to be aware of when undertaking a new fitness regime. Before you start pushing yourself well and truly out of your comfort zone, it is very important to work out what you can and cannot do. If you’re going to work with a Personal Trainer or in a group fitness setting, it is usually a good idea to make he/she aware of a persistent injury. Then, they can adjust exercises to accommodate your needs where possible.

Group Fitness

Group fitness… does it make you a little nervous? Well, you’re not alone. Newcomers to the fitness world can feel daunted at the thought of others watching them workout and subsequently experience a bit of gym anxiety. But, it might not be as bad as you think. Nifty has investigated the best of the best when it comes to training in a group. Here are some fitness fads that actually work!


We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of it. Images of super-fit athletes lifting heavy weights and completing hundreds of burpees might come to mind… but, it’s not that bad. F45 is actually designed for every fitness level, no matter whether you’re looking for a gym workout for beginners or something a little more challenging. You might actually be surprised, a lot of clientele are not your classic gym junkies. Their motto ‘Team Training, Life Changing’ is embodied within the culture of the F45 brand… it really is all about encouraging one another.

Whether you’re looking for a gym workout for beginners or something a little more challenging, it’s really up to you. F45 is a callisthenics workout that allows you to choose just how hard you’d like to push yourself. This HIIT based workout is sure to have you sweating up a storm. Based on innovation, motivation, and results, F45 basically consists of a circuit style workout that is set up around the studio. Because it is centred around strength and cardio, stations are completed under a set time.

During cardio workouts, lots of repetitions are the focus. Whereas, during a strength workout, slow, heavy reps and time under tension is the goal. F45 focuses on the idea that functional training is the key to success and it gets the tick of approval from Nifty with thousands of people around the globe seeing outstanding results. Although many argue you can do a HIIT workout at home, members of F45 see results because of the team based workout environment and passionate training team. So, if you’re keen on a positive, fast-paced, and high energy workout, F45 really is the way to go!


Ever heard of CrossFit? Few people actually know what this style or workout actually consists of and many are under the illusion that it is only for the bodybuilding, heavy lifting type of gym junkie. Well, Nifty is here to crush the stereotype. CrossFit has a huge following and has definitely become one of the biggest fitness fads on the market. But, what really is it?

Basically, CrossFit is a strength based workout that aims to improve on your personal best every single time. As a result, CrossFit focuses on functional movements performed at high intensity. You might be surprised to know that the variety of movements that make up CrossFit consist of running, gymnastics, weightlifting, and more. We must admit, at first glance, it does sound a bit daunting. However, the movements are actually designed to be undertaken by everyone at any fitness level. So, you shouldn’t let your own level of fitness be the reason for holding you back.

A group environment encourages participants to push themselves during the workout. CrossFit itself is high energy, motivational, and challenging. So, if you’re looking to push yourself out of your comfort zone Nifty highly recommends giving it a go! It seems like this fitness fad is here to stay.

Fitness Apps

The big question is… do they really work? There is no doubt that fitness apps are very convenient. They give users the freedom to complete a workout on their own terms. However, it really comes down to motivation. So, whether you’re looking for an abs workout, dumbbell workout or a core workout, we’ve taken a look at the apps designed by Aussie fitness gurus that will actually get you results.

Keep It Cleaner

If you’re looking for the whole package then you’ve definitely found it. Keep It Cleaner is a health and wellness app that pretty much covers all the bases. Each week Keep It Cleaner offers two HIIT sessions, two boxing circuits, two learn-to-run sessions and one strength workout as well a 7-day meal planner with healthy, easy meals; mindfulness and meditation techniques; yoga and pilates; time-management tips and much more. Aussie girls Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, are out to curb the confusion of fitness fads and provide a program that is easy to follow whilst providing the motivation needed to workout on your own.

The app encourages well-being – it is not about exercising to be ‘skinny’. The team at Keep It Cleaner want to encourage body confidence and provide a community in which women feel comfortable at any fitness level. The Keep It Cleaner team have a Facebook community that offers continuous support for all members. So, if you’re looking for an app that offers everything (literally) when it comes to health and wellbeing, then Keep It Cleaner gets the Nifty tick of approval for one of the few fitness fads that actually work.

Sweat App

Sweat, co-created by fitness guru and mega-influencer Kayla Itsines has fast become one of the most popular fitness apps on the market. Launching only three years ago, TechCrunch has reported its earnings to be over $77 million in 2018 alone. Starting from an e-book in early 2014, Sweat is now a fully-fledged fitness institution with an app that offers programs ranging from Kayla’s own content, but other trainers’ programs as well, across areas like yoga, pregnancy, gym workouts and meal plans.

Sweat is a community in which subscribers are encouraged to incorporate exercise into their everyday routine. The workouts themselves can even be completed in 25 – 30 minutes and cater to all fitness levels. You will not use any equipment most of the time either. So, if you’re looking for ultimate convenience and fast workouts that don’t require a gym, then Sweat is the way to go! We think it’s safe to say this is not another current fitness fad.

What’s Right For You

When it comes to fitness it’s tricky to separate the fads from the programs that are actually going to get you results. When it comes to fitness it is important to remember that wellbeing should be top of your list. The fitness industry is moving further and further away from dangerous dieting and crazy gym session and closer to a more holistic and convenient approach to health. It’s important to work out what is right for you in order to reap the best results. Nifty suggests giving our top picks a go, we think you’ll find something you’ll like!

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