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No credit check loans guaranteed in Australia – a term several people type into Google every day. It’s probably fair to say that these people are looking for cash quickly and have a less than perfect credit score. If this is you, then you’ve landed in the right place! Although Nifty cannot offer ‘no credit check loans,’ we can provide fast bad credit loans to Aussies nation-wide.

Nifty Loans

Have you heard of us before? If not, it’s okay! Nifty is an online lender providing speedy cash loans to people in need. It’s our mission to give everyone the fair go they deserve. That means if you have a bad credit score, or you’re unemployed, you could still be approved for a quick loan with Nifty!

Nifty offers online loans ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 and we’re 100% online. That means you can apply for a loan in minutes, be approved in an hour* and have the cash in your account in just 60 seconds after signing your online contract. No more tedious paperwork or waiting days for your loan outcome. Just apply for a same day cash loan with Nifty.

No credit check loans

A no credit check loan is a small cash loan that you can apply for and not have your credit report considered in the approval process. These types of loans can be very convenient for people worried about their credit score. Below, we’ve listed a few more details abut no credit check loans in Australia:

  • Your lender will not request to look at your credit report
  • The loan will be listed on your credit report

If you’re searching online for no credit check loans guaranteed Australia, then you’ll be glad to know where Nifty stands when it comes to your credit score. We do conduct credit checks, but we prefer to put more weight on other factors like your income and spending habits. If we see that you’re receiving a regular income and have been sensible with your money, then we can often look past your bad credit score.

What about guaranteed approval?

Guaranteed approval loans are a type of cash loan where the lender won’t conduct an assessment and will approve your application regardless of your credit score and finances.

If you’re searching for guaranteed approval loans, you’re likely in need of cash immediately and don’t have time to waste!

At Nifty, we understand this level of urgency. We have one of the fastest cash loan services in the country. Approval is not always guaranteed, but we promise to give you the fair go you deserve. So, if your credit score isn’t up to scratch or you’re receiving Centrelink benefits, then Nifty will still give you a fair assessment. We’ll do our best to provide you with the cash you need – regardless of your credit score.

What does it mean to have bad credit?

Bad credit usually refers to someone who has a credit score of 550 or less. Your credit score is a numerical representation of the information in your credit report. If you’ve got a poor or bad credit score it’s likely because you have defaulted on loan or credit repayments in the past.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost when it comes to applying for credit. Although most banks won’t consider bad credit applicants for approvals, Nifty can! We cannot offer personal loans online instant approval no credit check, but we can offer the next best thing – fast bad credit loans online!

Where can I borrow money without no credit check?

There may be some lenders who offer no credit check payday loans in Australia. However, with these lenders, you most likely won’t be able to borrow much and will likely be subject to higher interest rates and fees.

Most lenders in Australia will conduct credit checks on their applicants. This is because is it a requirement set by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Nifty does conduct a credit check on all eligible applicants. However, you shouldn’t let this deter you from applying if your credit score isn’t exactly up to scratch. Nifty prides itself on being able to offer quick cash loans to people with bad credit scores. So if you’ve had trouble getting approved for a loan in the past, then Nifty could give you the fair go you deserve.

Am I eligible to apply for no credit check loans with Nifty?

Nifty does not claim to provide no credit check loans or guaranteed approval loans. However, to be eligible for our cash loans you need to:

  • Be 18 years or older;
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Have received a regular income into your bank account for 3 months prior to applying
  • Have an active mobile number and email address
  • Have internet banking set up
What documents do I need to apply?

Nifty’s loan application is 100% online. To complete your application you’ll need the following details:

  • Contact information
  • The reason for your loan
  • Internet banking details
  • Mygov account details (if you receive Centrelink benefits)
Are no credit check loans safe?

This really comes down to the lender. The market is full of different lenders offering loans of all shapes and sizes. Some lenders are safe and have your best interests at heart. Others – not so much.

If a lender claims to offer no credit check loans Australia, then they should have other ways of assessing whether or not you’ll be able to comfortably afford the loan repayments. As always, it’s best to proceed with caution and do your research to ensure you’re applying with a reputable lender.

On the topic of reputable lenders, Nifty takes great care when it comes to assessing your application. We’ll look at your current finances to see if a personal loan is right for you. We will check your credit score, but we prefer to put more focus on your income and current finances. This ensures that we won’t lend you an amount of money that you won’t be able to repay. After all, we want to improve your situation, not make it worse off!

Alternative to no credit check payday loans

When you apply with Nifty, we cannot provide you with no credit check loans with guaranteed approval. We can, however, offer just about the next best thing – online bad credit loans with fast approval!

If you’re worried about your credit score, you’ll be delighted to know that Nifty has a fresh approach to bad credit. We don’t necessarily see bad credit as a red flag. We understand that people make mistakes, and we don’t think a couple of missed repayments from a few years ago should affect your ability to get a loan today. We’ve provided thousands of bad credit loans to Aussies across the country

Apply online in minutes, and you could get your cash on the same day of applying.

What can I use my loan for?

Have you got a big expense to pay and need a helping hand covering the costs? A personal loan can be a great way to get the money you need quickly. Here are a few examples of what people use their instant cash loan for:

Car repair loans

It’s no secret that car repairs are expensive. If the car repair bill comes in and you need a bit of extra cash to cover it, Nifty can lend a hand.


Does your home need a facelift? Renovations are a great way to increase the value of your home. To help with the upfront costs of renovating, you can apply for a personal loan with Nifty and have your cash in a few hours!

White goods

Got your eye on a new fridge, or maybe a washing machine? Whatever it may be, home appliances can be pricey. Get your cash quickly with Nifty.

Rental bond

Finding a new place to move into is often exciting. Unfortunately paying the rental bond (usually 4 weeks rent) upfront is not. This can be pretty tough on a lot of people who are short of cash. Nifty does rental bond loans from $2,500 to $10,000.

Debt consolidation

Have you got several outstanding debts? You can reduce them into just one repayment with a debt consolidation loan.

Travel costs

After a much-needed break? Whether it be a long weekend to the coast or an overseas adventure, travel costs are expensive! From accommodation and transport to food and drinks – these costs certainly add up! Get some extra cash in your pocket with some help from Nifty.

Same day loans no credit check

If you’re looking for no credit check loans guaranteed Australia, you’re most likely in need of cash quickly and don’t have time to waste. Although Nifty can’t provide no credit check loans, we can definitely help you out with same day loans for bad credit.

If you apply with Nifty online, you could finish your application in just a few minutes. We’ll then assess your application, and if you applied during our business hours, then you could get an outcome in just 60 minutes.* Once approved, most people get their cash in just 60 seconds.* Talk about quick!

What are no credit check loans guaranteed approval?

No credit check loans with guaranteed approval in Australia are a loan product that many customers seek. This type of loan sounds very enticing because it gives customers reassurance that they will be approved.

Lenders in Australia are required by law to conduct an assessment on applicants. If a lender claims to offer guaranteed approval, then they are not following responsible lending obligations set by ASIC. This means they might act predatory toward their applicants. You should be cautious of any lender who claims to offer payday loans with guaranteed approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my credit score?

The reason you might be looking for no credit check loans Australia, is because you have a poor credit score. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. While there are still options to borrow money with lenders like Nifty, it’s a always a good idea to try to improve your credit score. Below we’ve listed a few tips you can use to try and improve your credit score.

  • Pay your bills on time: This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s very important. Staying on top of your bills and paying them on or before the due date will definitely have a positive impact on your credit score. This will also help when you apply for loans as lenders want to see your reliability at repaying bills.
  • Don’t apply for too much credit: Opening anew credit card or applying for a loan creates a hard enquiry on your credit report. Several hard enquiries will result in a  drop in your credit score over time.
  • Check your credit report for inaccuracies: If you have inaccurate information on your credit report, your credit score could be negatively affected. To check for mistakes or inaccuracies you can access of free annual copy of your credit report from the following credit bureau’s: IllionEquifaxExperian.
  • Don’t close credit cards that you can manage: Using a credit card and paying it off each month is beneficial for your credit score. In fact, someone who doesn’t use a credit card can be viewed as a riskier borrower than someone who does use a credit card and can manage the repayments.
What’s the difference between payday loans and personal loans?

Although quite similar, there are a few key differences between payday loans and personal loans. Typically, payday loans are small loans that have very short repayments periods, usually ranging from a couple of days to a month.

Personal loans, on the other hand, allow you to borrow larger amounts of money and have repayments periods that generally range from 6 months to a few years.

Nifty offers quick online personal loans between $2,500 and $10,000. Our repayment period ranges between 9 to 24 months (depending on how much you appy for).

How can I avoid a credit check?

You might find that some lenders will skip the credit check part of their assessment and instead focus on your current finances. This means they’ll look at your bank statements to verify that you receive a regular income and you’re responsible with your money.

When applying for a no credit check loan, borrowers can expect certain things. The main things a lender will check are your:

  • Employment status
  • Bank account
  • Income details
  • Financial history

Nifty does conduct credit check on applicants, however, we put more focus on your current finances. We want to see if you can comfortably afford the regular loan repayments.

How do repayments work?

Loans repayments are made by direct debit. You won’t have to worry about making repayments every week or fortnight as they will come out of your account automatically. You just need to ensure that there is enough money in your account on your repayment day.

We can set up repayments on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis but we will usuaully align your repayments with your pay cycle. We do this to ensure you have enough money in your account to avoid defaulting.

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