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Need an online loan?

Here at Nifty Loans, we’ve made online borrowing easier than ever. Whether you’re wanting to spruce up your home office, or finally replace that air conditioning that’s been on the fritz, a Nifty online loan is here to help. Nifty offers fast loans online from $2,100 to $15,000 with flexible loan terms up to 24 months, and competitive rates for Aussies anywhere in Australia.

Why choose Nifty?

Our team at Nifty is Aussie born and bred, so we pride ourselves on offering everyday Australians a fair go when it comes to personal finance. Our dedicated loan specialists work tirelessly to provide exceptional service and fast loan approvals on applications anywhere from $2,100 to $15,000. If you’re interested in finding out more about Nifty online loans, read on below.

Our Happy Customers

Am I eligible for an online loan?

Before applying for a Nifty online loan, take a moment to see whether you qualify. You’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Have an active internet banking account
  • Receive a regular income for at least the past 90 days
How to apply for a Nifty online loan

Thanks to Nifty, applying for instant cash loans online is a walk in the park. Simply follow these three steps and keep an eye out for our application response on the same day from submission*:

  1. Apply online by completing the loan application form;
  2. Wait for our team to assess your application and provide you with a quick response;
  3. If approved, receive your cash into your nominated bank account!

What can I use an online loan for?

Fortunately, there are many uses for a Nifty short term loan. Whether it’s a last-minute birthday present or a surprisingly high power bill, an online loan can help you get fast cash when you need it. Here’s a rundown of some of the common uses of a Nifty online loan:

Medical fees

A Nifty online loan can cover the costs of an upcoming surgery or specialist appointment, keeping your finances in check during a potentially stressful time.

Rental bond

If you’re moving house, you might need a bit of extra cash for a rental bond. A Nifty online loan can give you this financial security, letting you focus on the bigger picture of moving.

Car-related costs

If you’ve been avoiding your annual car service, a Nifty online loan can help you tick it off your to-do list.

Holiday costs

Had a crazy month at work? Sometimes you just need a getaway, but might not have the funds to do so. A Nifty online loan can cover flights, accommodation, car hire, and other costs of that trip you’ve been daydreaming of.

Renovation costs

If you’re needing some extra cash for a home reno, a Nifty online loan can help out with labour costs and supplies.

White goods

If you’re sick of fighting with your temperamental dishwasher, or finally decided to splurge on a new dryer, a Nifty online loan can cover the costs of white goods.

Debt consolidation

In some cases, taking out an online personal loan to consolidate your debt can be a good option for reducing interest charges, and a lot cheaper than using a credit card. It’s important to do your research before doing this, though, as everyone’s situation is different.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly are Nifty online loans processed?

If you apply for a fast cash loan with us during business hours, our loan specialists will work tirelessly to bring you a quick outcome. Depending on whether you have an NPP-enabled bank account, you could even be looking at receiving your cash within 60-seconds** from approval.

What fees and charges come with a Nifty online loan?

Before you enter into a loan agreement with us, we’ll provide you with a credit guide that outlines all the applicable fees and charges you can expect on your total repayment. However, we pride ourselves on being transparent with these charges and offering competitive rates on our fast cash loans.

Does Nifty offer online loans to bad credit customers?

As an inclusive online lender, Nifty is able to approve bad credit applicants if they meet certain criteria. Our team of loan specialists will conduct a financial assessment on an applicant to determine whether they are able to manage their loan repayments. This assessment will look at other financial factors, like their regular income and expenses through bank statements, rather than just their credit score. So, if you have bad credit but are successful in our assessment, we may just be able to offer you an online loan.

Does Nifty do credit checks?

Here at Nifty, we adhere to the responsible lending guidelines set by ASIC; as such, we cannot provide ‘online loans no credit check’. However, we can guarantee that all applicants will have a fair loan assessment thanks to our experienced team of loan specialists. We also take into consideration an applicant’s full financial history, rather than just their credit score. So don’t let bad credit hold you back from applying with us