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Apply For Cash Loans With Bad Credit With Nifty Loans

What is a bad credit cash loan? 

Looking for fast cash loans with bad credit in Australia? Need urgent cash but fearful of making loan requests because you think you might have a bad credit history? A simple search will show you that there are loads of options, so how do you choose the most suitable lender. From banks to private lenders, many are ready to entice you with their offers. Are these cash loans with bad credit a good option? Will they push you further into debt? Let’s take a look at how to apply and receive fast cash loan outcomes regardless of your credit score. Find out Is It Possible To Get Credit Without A Credit History? here.


Cash loans with bad credit

Bad credit cash loans:

  • Range from $300 to $10,000
  • Can be applied for online
  • May be secured with an asset such as a car
  • Are repayable over up to 24 months.

Cash loans with bad credit are loans that can be applied for fast, by borrowers with a less than perfect credit score. Not sure what yours is? Apply anyway and we’ll see if we can help. 

Can I get cash loans with bad credit?

The short answer is yes. However, the loan may come at a higher interest rate or require security in the form of a car, caravan, ute, boat or bike. 

At Nifty Loans, we can provide personal loans to borrowers with a less than perfect credit score.  Your credit history may not hold you back as we are able to look at more than just your score, taking your current relationship with money into account when assessing your loan application. 

We’ll look at what you make and spend as an additional factor and can consider Centrelink payments as part of your income, depending on the benefits you receive. As we place emphasis on the entire financial relationship a borrower has instead of past credit history alone, cash loans with bad credit may be a real option for many.

What is a bad credit score? 

A good credit score is an indication of your trustworthiness as a borrower shown on your credit file. When you have a poor credit rating, your credibility to repay a loan may be at stake. Conventional lenders often find it hard to accept a borrower’s request for personal loans when their credit report does not inspire confidence. Their fear centres around the risk of credit lines turning into bad debts or unrecoverable funds which could cause stress to their business. 

Traditionally, lenders focused on credit trustworthiness excluding those with bad credit ratings from getting cash loans when faced with emergency expenses, rather than looking at the whole picture

Cash loans with bad credit can provide an excellent option when you have:

  • poor credit rating 
  • a likelihood of rejection of your request
  • a lack of credit trustworthiness
  • a less than perfect financial history

You can apply online in minutes and our team will do their best to find a loan product that suits your financial situation. Poor credit history may not impact your loan approval with Nifty Loans.

What is bad credit?

A credit score below 500 is generally considered a bad credit rating in Australia. This indicates lower trustworthiness of a borrower, making loan approval a bit more difficult, though not impossible. However, with a lender like Nifty Loans, who looks into your entire financial relationship, those with poor ratings may stand a chance of getting cash loans with bad credit.

A credit report is created based on a number of factors. The main components are your credit history, collected from various sources, and a numeric value which indicates your credit score. When your credit score is above 700 out of 1,000 / 1,200, it is typically deemed ‘excellent’ by credit bureaus. Even at 600, your score is still considered good. However, if it dips below 500, a credit score is considered bad or poor. Loans offered to a person with poor credit are thought to have a greater chance of turning into bad debt. For this reason, bad credit loans can also be secured by an asset to lower the risk. 

Your credit score may be affected if you:

  • are not regular in paying your bills,
  • have too many instances of defaulting on utility bills,
  • fail to repay loans,
  • make too many credit requests,
  • lack any financial track record,
  • have a habit of delayed loan repayments,

How do I check my credit score?

You need to submit a request to a credit reporting bureau, such as Credit Simple, Equifax, Illion, Experian or any other credit rating agencies to get to know your credit score in Australia. It can take 5 to 10 days for an agency to provide you with details of your credit history and the score. Some also instant access to your credit file for a fee.

To apply for a credit score in Australia, you need to submit your personal information, which is important to identify and source your credit details. This may include your date of birth, proof of identity, drivers licence. 

Checking on your credit score every few months does not affect your rating adversely. Also, national law requires Australian credit rating bodies to provide credit details to every resident on the following occasions.

  • Once in every 12 months when requested
  • When sought within 90 days of loan rejection.
  • As soon as a correction is made in the credit report.

What are my options if I have a bad credit score?

Though a good credit score is often touted as the passport to an unsecured loan, you have other loan options when you are on the wrong side. Your options include the following.

  • Cash loans with bad credit or bad credit loans, which are predominantly for those without a good score.
  • Select small or short-term loans.
  • Have a co-applicant or co-signer.
  • Apply for a secured loan.

The table below represents the type of personal loans you can apply for through Nifty:

Loan TypeLoan AmountLoan Term
Unsecured$300 to $2,0006 to 12 months
Can be Secured$2,001 to $4,6009 to 24 months
Secured$5,000 to $10,0009 to 24 months


Where can I get loans with bad credit?

To get loans with bad credit, you may want to find a lender who offers them. This might be a non-traditional lender. 

Nifty Loans provides cash loans with bad credit and thus caters for all Australians requiring quick funds to overcome their emergency needs. We look at credit scores but not as a standalone factor. Rather, we also take into account a borrower’s entire financial condition. 

Whilst with some traditional lenders a bad rating may render you ineligible, we do not consider your credit score as the cornerstone of a loan application. Nifty Loans is flexible about repayment terms and considers all factors such as your employment details, regular sources of income and overall financial health along with your credit score. A borrower’s application is not always rejected for having a bad score alone but it is considered based on their ability to reasonably afford to repay their loan.

Nifty Loans offers:

  • Fast easy loans and an outcome within 60 minutes of application
  • Loan disbursement in 60 seconds of contract signing, most of the time
  • A fair go for borrowers
  • Safe and secure lending
  • A fair, reasonable and transparent rate of interest
  • Products suitable for the individual situation
  • Instant and automated payment options
  • Smart and quick applications and processing

Will you check my credit score?

Nifty checks credit scores like most other lenders. The credit rating, however, is only one of many factors considered when assessing a loan request at Nifty. You may have a good chance of getting cash loans with a bad credit score.

When you have a regular income or Centrelink payments of permanent nature and good history in your bank account, credit score concerns may be overlooked. Borrowers could be approved by Nifty personal loans regardless of their credit history.

How do I apply?

It is simple and easy to apply for a loan at Nifty. Just follow these steps while at home.

  1. Open on your computer or smartphone.
  2. Click on Apply.
  3. Use the online calculator to check how much your repayments may be. Select the amount and duration. Select a weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalment frequency. Fill in your personal info, tick the boxes and submit the application. It takes about a minute or two to apply.
  4. Nifty provides an outcome in 60 minutes. You should get a response if your loan application is accepted or rejected. If we need any additional need for information, a representative will contact you.
  5. If your loan is approved, a contract will be emailed to you.
  6. After electronically signing, your loan amount will be sent to your bank account within 60 seconds of you sending the signed contract, most of the time.

What are the required documents for cash loans on bad credit?

  • Proof of address and residence.
  • Email and direct contact number
  • A valid bank account showing regular cash flow at least for at least 90 days.
  • Your internet banking logins
  • MyGov details if any
  • Employer contact and address 
  • A reason for your loan

Why do we ask for your banking details?

During the application process, you will be asked to sign in to your bank account using your internet banking details. This allows us to look for your bank statement (no need to manually upload one – hooray!), but we will not be able to touch anything. 

We will look at your bank statement when assessing your loan, taking what you make and what you spend into account to ensure that you will be able to afford your loan repayments. This is particularly important when you need a bad credit loan

Your banking details are 100% safe with Nifty that follows strict security and privacy protocols and use a secured network for contact and communication.

Are there ways to improve my bad credit rating?

  • Pay your bills to improve your credit score. It is the payment history that constitutes 70% of your credit rating. So, pay your pending bills and be regular in upcoming payments to improve your credit score. Where possible, aim to never miss, delay, or default on any bill, instalment or debt repayment.
  • Never delay in paying utility bills and loan instalments. Recent bills impact your credit score more and by on-time payments, it improves fast.
  • Don’t apply at multiple lenders, as each of them may do a hard credit check, which can push down your credit score. First, find out the best and the most suitable lender and then only apply for cash loans with bad credit. Do your homework, check lender credentials, analyse offers, see the history of lending in cases similar to your’s and scan through to become sure about the online reputation of a lender beforehand.
  • Reinforce your credit utilization ratio. It is an indication of how responsible you are in financial matters and can boost your credit rating. If you have a credit card limit of $5,000, restrict its utilization to $2,000 a month. Avoid applying for too many credit cards but don’t close all you have at once. 
  • Try to prevent delinquency or bankruptcy at any cost. It is the single biggest threat to your credit rating and remains on the credit history for years to come.

Apply online today!

A poor credit score may not hold you back. Apply for Nifty personal loans today. We may be able to provide quick cash loans with a bad credit score. The application procedure is simple and 100% online. You can get a loan while sitting comfortably at home.

We may be able to provide no-fuss cash loans with bad credit. Unlike banks and traditional lenders, it focuses on the approval on the very same day you apply for it. Applicants typically receive a response within 60 minutes of applying during business hours. There is a higher chance of loan approval with individual-specific offers. Cash arrives in your account within 60 minutes of signing the loan contract.

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