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Have a tooth ache? Apply for Dental Loans up to $10,000

Dental Loans with Nifty

Dental loans with Nifty Loans are a fast processed loan for a nominated amount between $300 and $10,000. Now, when we say fast, we mean lightning fast. In most cases, we’re able to have your application assessed and get back to you with an outcome within just 60-minutes (during business hours)!

Booking that long-awaited dental appointment is something that we all dread. No matter how much we hate it, it’s much better than going without treatment and potentially making things a whole lot worse. However, having dental work done in Australia can be very expensive – whether you have health insurance or not!

Dentists Chair - Dental Loans

And what if you don’t have dental cover?

Not having dental cover can cause some people to avoid treatment, leading to even more problems down the line. That’s where Nifty Loans can help out. We can offer you small loans for dentist bills to ease the stress of that unexpected expense, so you can keep on trucking!

What are loans for dental expenses?

Some dentists are fully covered by private health, while some charge a gap. Obviously, this is super important information, so you’d think they’d put it on their website – nope, not always! This means you could have to go out of your way to phone the practice just to find out. As if the pain from your teeth wasn’t enough! A dental loan is a loan that can be used for just about any dental related procedures!

What can I use a dental loan for?

Wondering what you can use a dental loan for? There is so shortage or work that your dentist or orthodontist might recommend that you have done. Below we have listed some of the most common pieces of work that people take out dental loans for.

  • Removals and extractions;
  • Fillings and repairs;
  • Root canals;
  • Bridges and implants;
  • Gum surgery;
  • Tooth whitening;
  • Crowns and caps;
  • Veneers;
  • Braces;
  • Dentures;
  • Sealants.

Whatever dental care you might need, a Nifty dental loan will make sure you get it!


Here's a Nifty fact!

The average cost of a dental check-up in Sydney is $165.83

Who is eligible to apply?

Before applying, make sure to check off our list of requirements. Don’t worry, we only have a few.

  1. You are 18 or over
  2. You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  3. You have a regular income being deposited into a personal bank account
  4. You have an active mobile number and email address

Do you offer dental loans for low-income earners?

We sure do! Just fill out a quick and easy application form and we’ll get back to you in a flash!

Even if I’m on Centrelink?

That’s right, we accept Centrelink payments as income, as long as they’re consistent and reliable. If you’ve met all of our basic eligibility requirements then we may be able to accept your application. If you’re going to the effort of fixing up those pearly whites, guarantee that we’ll go to the effort of making you smile to show them off. We do that by giving everyone a fair go, despite your situation.

Do you conduct credit checks?

Are you worried about your credit score? Perhaps you’re looking for bad credit loans due to some past credit history? Don’t worry! While we do perform credit checks, they’re not the only thing we look at.

Here at Nifty Loans, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. While we do credit checks for all our loans, we don’t base the assessment solely off the credit score. We get it – sometimes in life, unfortunate things happen that you just can’t avoid. We won’t blame you for them.

Regardless of how good or bad your credit is, just fill out one of our quick and simple application forms and we’ll see if we can help. We’ll do our best to give you that second chance with the dental loan you need.

What if I have bad credit? Can I still get a dental loan?

Yes! One of Nifty’s principles is that everyone deserves a second chance, so we can still look at providing you a loan if you have bad credit.

For most applicants, we need 90-days of up to date bank statements; this way our team will make most of their decisions based on your recent history as well. In some cases, our loan specialists may request further documentation (such as; payslips, loan contracts, older bank statements etc.), this is to ensure our income and expenditure assessment is as accurate as possible.

My child needs braces, do you do loans for dental braces as well?

Yes we do! Raising kids can be expensive, not to mention taking care of their teeth!

Braces, wisdom teeth, and fillings are just the tip of the very expensive iceberg of dental problems that could crop up over the course of your kid’s journey into adulthood.

We understand and are happy to help. That’s why we offer dental loans for all kinds of dental needs. Simply specify the reason for your loan and we’ll get to work assessing your application. It’s that easy.

So, jump online and apply for one of our Nifty dental loans. You could have your cash loan approved in as little as 60-minutes (during business hours). So, your little one can be on the road to recovery in no time!

Dental Loans

What to do when going to the dentist with your kids for the first time

Plenty of adults are scared of visiting the dentist, so imagine what it must be like for a kid! Here are some simple things you can do to make sure your kids have a good time:

Find a dentist that suits your family

Every doctor has a different bedside manner, and dentists are no different. If your kids are nervous about their first visit, having a dentist that makes them feel comfortable and safe will make a world of difference. Depending on where you live, you may not have access to multiple dentists, but if you do, then shopping around may make the difference between your kids being excited for or dreading their dental appointments.

Talk to your kids about the visit

Even before their first visit, kids have probably heard a bit about the dentist from their friends and, chances are, what they’ve heard isn’t good. Sit them down before the appointment and let them know exactly what’s going to happen in simple terms. That way they’ll know what to expect, and a good dentist will reassure them every step of the way. As funny as it might be to scare your kids with tales of the spooky dentist, it might cause problems down the line and as your kids’ problems are your problems, don’t make it harder for yourself!

Make sure they brush and floss regularly

Establishing good dental hygiene early on is something that they’ll thank you for when they’re older. Not only that, but it’ll also mean the dentist will have less work to do. Everyone wins!

Light bulb

Here's a Nifty question!

When was the last time you had a checkup?

What about loans for dentures?

The same goes for Gran and Grandpa! As long as you have a regular income from an employer or Centrelink you can jump online now and apply for a dental dentures loan as well. Nifty Loans has got you covered!

Foods your dentist wants you to avoid

You’ve probably heard a thousand times before about how lollipops are a dentist’s worst nightmare, but they’re not alone. These are the types of foods you should be wary of:

  • Sugary foods: This is the one everyone should know. While almost every food contains some form of sugar, it’s important to limit foods containing added sugars.
  • “Sticky” foods: The stickier a food is, the more likely it is to stay on your teeth for longer, which can cause decay. This applies to sweets like toffee, but also to seemingly healthy snacks like dried fruit.
  • Acidic foods: Tomatoes, citrus fruits and juices, red wine and fizzy drinks are some of the foods that you might immediately think of as being acidic. However, there are some seemingly harmless foods (such as certain breads and cereals!) that can contain high amounts of acid, so make sure you do your research. Consistently eating acidic foods over a long period of time can damage your enamel.
  • Low-nutrition foods: You can still treat yourself every so often, but if foods with little to no nutritional value make up a large part of your diet then your immune system won’t be as strong, making you more vulnerable to gum disease and tooth decay.

There are ways to minimise the harmful effects of these foods without having to cut them out of your diet completely. Moderate the amount of unhealthy food that you eat, and try including acidic, sugary or sticky foods as part of a meal. This way you can rinse your mouth out with water and chew some sugar-free gum afterwards, which will limit the damage.

If you do this, your teeth will be healthier and there will be less chance of needing costly dental surgery later in life.

Loans for dental procedures

What about Mum and Dad, we hear you say? Of course, we haven’t forgotten about them! We are more than happy to approve dental loans for procedures for the whole family!

As long as the applicant meets our lending criteria we are more than happy to send dental loans your way to get those pesky dental problems solved!

Dental Loans

The do’s and don’ts of going to the dentist

Even with the expenses taken care of, going to the dentist is still a bit of a daunting experience. Here are some simple things you can do to make the whole process a bit easier:

Do: Brush and floss, twice a day

It only adds a few minutes to your morning/night routine, but so many people either forget or can’t be bothered. If you can force yourself to do it a couple of days in a row, it’ll soon become a good habit that it easy to stick with.

Don’t: Start flossing just because you have a dental appointment coming up

Unfortunately, a dental checkup isn’t something you can cram for the night before like a university exam. Your dentist will be able to tell if you haven’t been looking after your teeth, and there’s a fair chance that you’ll end up doing more harm than good by flossing too hard. It’s best to be honest and correct your behaviour for next time.

Do: Tell your dentist about any problems before the appointment

It’s important to let your dentist know of any potential issues when you’re booking your appointment. If you’ve had surgery recently, suffer from a condition that might affect the dental procedure or have any documents (x-rays, prescriptions, etc) about your dental history that might be helpful, your dentist will need to know ahead of time so they can prepare.

Whatever you do, don’t spring this crucial information on them just as they’re about to start the checkup – or worse, once they’ve already started.

Don’t: Eat just before your appointment

This doesn’t mean don’t eat at all, but if you’ve just had a meal then try and give your teeth a quick brush before you go in. Your dentist will thank you for it.

How do I repay my dental loans?

That’s the easy part! We will set you up with a direct debit of a nominated amount on an agreed day, and voila! You won’t have to worry about your repayments again!

At the end of your cash advance loan repayments your direct debits will automatically stop, so there’s no need to worry about calling up to cancel the payments. Nifty Loans is committed to being helpful and hassle-free, so you can focus on your health.

Here are some facts you need to consider when looking for a dental loan:

Who is this product for?Individuals looking for a dental loan.
To be eligible for a dental loan, you must be:Over the age of 18;
An Australian citizen or permanent resident;
Have a regular source of income (wages and/or Centrelink payments);
An active mobile number or email address.
What are your repayment terms?Repayment terms range from 6 to 24-months
Loan types available:Fixed
Lender:Nifty Personal Loans

Ready to Apply?

So what are you waiting for? Apply today for pesky medical bills – because no one’s a happy camper when they have sore teeth!

Have more questions? Send us a message via our Contact page or, alternatively, visit the Australian MoneySmart website.

Want to know more? Nifty investigates loans comparison.

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Since founding Nifty in 2016, Bell has continued to make waves within the local financial sector for his continued ambition and willingness to adopt emerging technologies.

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