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Mini Loans from $300 to $10,000

Mini Loans with Nifty

Have you found a deal that you simply cannot pass up, or do you just need a helping hand with an outstanding utility bill? Or maybe you need a hand purchasing some equipment for university so you can further your education? How about finally completing those home renovations you told the missus you’d do last year? Here at Nifty Loans, we pride ourselves on being fast and flexible. If you need a hand with a mini loan, think Nifty Loans.

Once you have submitted your loan application we aim to assess your application within 60 minutes (during business hours)! If it takes a little longer, don’t panic too much, we probably just need some extra supporting documentation.

What are Mini Loans?

Mini loans are small loans between $300-$5,000 and if you’re approved, we transfer your funds shortly after receiving your signed contract. If we receive your contract back outside of business hours, then we deposit your funds the next business day! We pride ourselves on being 100% online, one of the best fast loan service providers.

Most common uses for mini loans

Perhaps more often than we would like to admit we are sometimes caught off guard by life’s curveballs and there just isn’t enough in that rainy day fund as we need. Some of our most common reasons for mini loan applications here at Nifty include:

  • Larger than normal phone or utility bill
  • Expired rego or urgent car repairs or service
  • Unexpected vet bills
  • Out of the blue school fees and/or excursions
  • Dental appointments not covered by your health care

Thankfully, with a mini loan you can; pay that bill and maybe even get ahead in others, concentrate on your pet’s recovery and not worry about the vet bill or have the excursion paid for by the time the kids come down for breakfast with snacks ready for the bus trip and an amazing gift.


Here's a Nifty fact!

At the time of writing, the average mini loan at Nifty was $800

Do I need to come into a branch or office to lodge my application?

Not at all! One of the perks of Nifty Loans is the fact that we’re 100% online. We’ve made our application process super simple so you don’t have to spend your valuable time filling out never-ending application forms or trying to find some obscure documentation that’s fallen down the back of the filing cabinet.

We pride ourselves on having some of the fastest mini loans processing times in Australia! Once we successfully receive your online application, provided it’s within business hours, our dedicated assessment team will begin the assessment process quick smart. Generally, the process takes approximately 60 minutes (during business hours), however, if we need further information or documentation, it may take a bit longer. You can speak to one of our customer service consultants here in Australia at any time throughout the process if you have any questions or enquiries.

How can we help you with your mini loan?

Have you been thinking about applying for mini loans Australia but you’re worried about which loan to get and with whom? Are you looking for a safe mini loan from a reputable, recognised Australian company? Nifty Loans can help. We pride ourselves on our customer service and efficiency. Our customer service stars and are available to answer any questions or queries you may have about our application and assessment process. We understand that your time is valuable so our assessment team will assess your application quick smart and get you an outcome as fast as they can!

Mini loans in minutes!!

Here at Nifty Loans, we offer some of the fastest mini loans in Australia! All you need to do is scroll to the top of this page and click our APPLY button! This will take you to our mini loans application form which usually only takes a few minutes to complete. Once we have your application we’ll aim to provide you with an outcome within 60 minutes, during business hours of course. If your approved, you can have the funds in your account within 60 seconds of accepting your contract if you have an NPP enabled bank account!

Do you do credit checks for mini loans?

As responsible lenders, who only have your best interests at heart, we do conduct credit checks on applications. But we are also firm believers that everyone deserves a fair go and you shouldn’t be immediately excluded if you’ve had a bump or rough patch in your credit history. After all, sometimes things happen that are outside of our control, right? We also examine your most recent 90 days of bank statements to see how your current relationship with money is going. If we can see that you’re back on your feet and handling your finances well, we may be able to help you out, despite your credit history.

Here at Nifty, you can be sure we have your best interests at heart. We are 100% compliant with legislation and are here to help you, not put you in financial distress. If you’re unsure about anything at all or have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 471 328.

Do you do mini loans for people on Centrelink?

We sure do! At Nifty Loans, we understand that sometimes life hands out an abundance of lemons and you may need to ask for a hand. That’s where we come in. So as long as you are receiving a regular income of $800 a fortnight through Centrelink then yes we will consider your application for a small loan!

So how do you apply for a mini loan?

  1. Submit your loan application online – this part is super easy and only takes minutes to complete!
  2. Supply supporting data – We utilise the latest and safest banking technology that will obtain 90 days of bank statements in seconds!
  3. We assess your situation – As responsible lenders, we want to make sure you can comfortably pay back one of our loan products.
  4. Money transferred upon approval – Shortly after we have received your signed contract, the funds are then scheduled for transfer. Deposit times vary depending on your bank, although, most customers receive their money instantly, and if not, overnight at the latest!

But what can I use my mini loan for?

A Nifty Loans Mini loans can be used for a bunch of different purposes! They’re designed to be super flexible and to provide you with a helping hand when you need one. Do you need urgent car repairs? Maybe you were thinking of buying that 2nd hand car you’ve been eyeing up recently? In need of some desperate home repairs? Wanting to get some dental work done or pay some medical costs? The possibilities really are endless and Nifty Loans has you covered.

Examples of our Mini Loans

Reason for loan Amount Approved
Utility Bill Loan $300
White Goods Loan $400
Bond Loan $500

How much does a Nifty Loans mini loan cost?

Here at Nifty, we believe in being 100% transparent when it comes to all costs and fees. While each loan may differ slightly, other fees and charges that may be payable will be clearly outlined in your loan contract. Put simply, what you see is what you get. So what are the fees involved I hear you ask? Here is a rough idea of what one of our Nifty loans may cost:

We have 3 different loan types.

Before applying for a loan, its always a good idea to have a look at what the potential costs for a loan may be. You can more information about our costs at the bottom of this page, and on our costs page. Don’t worry though, before you take a loan with us, we will always provide you with a contract with all the fees and charges listed clearly.

As we mentioned before, some loan types may have additional payable fees and charges. If you do miss one of the repayments on your loan, there may be additional fees and charges that apply. However, all of these payable fees and charges will be included in your loan contract. If you’re still not sure what payable fees and charges are associated with your loan, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team. They’re loan experts and are happy to walk you through whatever questions you may have.

Just remember, that if you’re interested in applying for one of our slightly larger mini-loans of $2,001 – $5,000, it does help to provide a vehicle that we will use as security.

What happens if I can’t afford to make my repayments?

At Nifty Loans, we understand that things can happen outside of your control, which can affect your ability to make some of your repayments. The best thing to do if this happens to you is to get in contact with us as soon as you’re able to. The more warning we have that your situation has changed, the more likely we are going to be able to help you out. With at least 1 business day warning we can adjust your repayments to help take some of the stress from you.

Our customer service team are here to help you out any way they can and they’re very understanding if this situation does arise. After all, we’re human too and we know how these unexpected things can happen. So whether you’ve lost your job, been put on reduced hours or an unexpected expense or situation has arisen that will affect your ability to successfully make your repayments, give us a call. We’re here to help you from the beginning of your loan process, all the way through to the end.

We are a lender you can trust!

At Nifty Loans, responsible lending is incredibly important to us. Not only are we 100% compliant with all relevant legislation, but we also have our own set of lending rules. This criteria ensures that our loan products are right for you. If we don’t believe that one of our loans products is right for you or your current financial situation, we won’t approve you. It’s as simple as that. We’re here to help you, not make your financial situation worse. If we are able to approve you for a loan, we won’t lend you more money than you can afford to repay. You can be confident that we have your best interests at heart.

We pride ourselves on being leaders in customer service. We have a dedicated team of customer service stars to help you out with any questions or queries you may have.

Mini loans Australia

Love shopping local and supporting Australian businesses? So do we. You can rest assured that Nifty Loans is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, based in Brisbane.

How do I repay my Mini loan?

Repaying your mini loan couldn’t be easier! When we set up your contract we customise your repayments to be direct debited from your account in line with your income. We do it all for you, so you won’t need to worry about remembering to make your repayments. Just keep track of your repayments and it’s all sorted.

Our loans are spread across a maximum 24-month term, which unlike some lenders, gives you plenty of breathing space while you repay your loan. Once your loan has finished, the direct debits will stop automatically, it’s that easy!

Ready to Apply?

Customer service excellence is of utmost importance here at Nifty Loans. We understand that it can be stressful taking on debt. This is why we want to ensure all your worries are laid to rest before you apply for a Nifty Loans mini loan. Please feel free to call our dedicated customer service team with any queries or concerns you may have. Let’s get your Nifty mini loans application up and running today!

Apply for a loan with us and see why thousands of Australians trust Nifty Loans. So what are you waiting for? APPLY NOW! it’s so simple you can apply using a phone, tablet or laptop! It really is that easy.

Choose Nifty the mini loans specialists for your next loan! Most applications assessed in 60 minutes if you apply during business hours. That’s some seriously fast finance!

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Since founding Nifty in 2016, Bell has continued to make waves within the local financial sector for his continued ambition and willingness to adopt emerging technologies.

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Large Loans

Large Loan Example

$5,000 - $10,000

Loan amount:
9 - 24 months
Establishment fee:
Monthly Fee:
Comparison Rate:
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Loan amounts:
18 months, (78 weekly repayments)
Establishment fee and Total Interest:
Total payable:
Weekly installments:
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Medium Loans

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$2,001 - $4,600

Loan amounts:
$2,001 - $4,600
9 - 24 months
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Loan amounts:
24 Months, (104 weekly repayments)
Establishment fee:
Total other fees:
$1,609.44 (reducing interest)
Total payable:
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Small Loans

Small Loan Example

$300 - $2,000

Loan amounts:
$300 - $2,000
6 - 9 months
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Monthly Fee:
N / A *
Comparison Rate:
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Loan amount:
6 Months, (24 weekly repayments
Establishment fee:
Total other fees:
Total payable:
Weekly installments:
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* Not applicable. Small loans do not charge an annual interest rate.

** WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate with the lender that finances your loan. Different loans may include other payable fees and charges. All fees and charges will always be displayed on your loan contract.