Personal Loans for Pensioners | Easy Loans up to $10,000

Nifty Loans offers personal loans for Australian pensioners up to $10,000.

Loans for pensioners are available through Nifty’s simple online application form. We endeavour to deliver 60-minute* loan outcomes and we support instant transfers** on approval.

Looking for loans for pensioners?

If you are currently receiving a pension and have had an unexpected expense destabilise your budget, Nifty Loans offers pensioner personal loans. Loans for pensioners in Australia range from $2,500 to $10,000 and can be used for anything from funding a holiday to dental surgery costs. We specialise in speedy loans; we deliver 60-second transfers on approvals (to people with NPP-enabled bank accounts) so you could have your cash ready to use almost instantly.

What are personal loans for pensioners?

A personal loan for pensioners is simply a personal loan specifically for people receiving the government pension. We offer two options of personal loans: medium loans and large loans.

Medium personal loans are unsecured or secured personal loans for pensioners. This means that there can be an asset attached to the loan as security for the lender. With a medium loan, you can borrow between $2,500 – $4,600.

Large loans are secured personal loans that range from $5,000 to $10,000. Both medium and large loans can be repaid over 9 to 24 months.

For more information about our personal loan fees and charges, visit our costs page for a detailed breakdown.

Who is considered a ‘pensioner’?

To be considered a ‘pensioner’, you must be receiving government benefits that are labelled as a ‘pension’. This includes both the Age Pension and the Disability Support Pension. If you receive either of these Centrelink payments, you are considered a pensioner and are therefore eligible for a pensioner personal loan.

If you are receiving other Centrelink benefits, like a Parenting Payment or a Widow Allowance, you are by definition not considered a pensioner. However, if you receive any of these payments in addition to a ‘pension’, you are eligible for our loans for pensioners.

What can I do with a cash loan for pensioner?

If you are taking out personal finance as a pensioner, you can choose to spend this money on whatever you like. All that you have to do is select how much you wish to borrow and state what you will be using the money for on your application. Here are some of the most common reasons our clients have opted for financial assistance with Nifty Loans:

  • Medical expenses
  • Going on a holiday
  • Installing solar panels
  • Dental expenses
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Covering unexpectedly high bills
  • Urgent car repairs
Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a personal loan with Nifty Loans, we require all of our applicants to meet our standard eligibility criteria. Please ensure that you meet the following before you apply:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have had a consistent income into your bank account for at least 90 days
  • You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • You have an email address and mobile number
  • You have internet banking set up
Supporting documents required

So that our team can process your application, please ensure that you have all of the required supporting documents available to submit when you apply:

  • 100 points of identification
  • Your basic personal information (full name, D.O.B., address, etc.)
  • Your myGov login details
  • Your online banking details (so our team can access your bank statements)
  • The reason for your application

Personal loans for pensioners with bad credit

Don’t let your bad credit stop you from applying for a pensioner personal loan with Nifty Loans. We are an online lender which means that we can be more lenient in terms of our credit requirements. While traditional lenders are very strict with their credit assessments, we use a bank statement service to analyse your current finances to ensure that you can currently manage a loan. This is why we can offer personal loans with bad credit.

We must conduct a credit check and thorough financial analysis of all of our loan applicants. We adhere to the responsible lending guidelines by ASIC. If after our assessment, even with bad credit, we determine that you can comfortably manage a personal loan, we may be able to provide you with a bad credit loan. All applications are subject to an individual assessment.


How much can I borrow as a pensioner?

You can borrow any amount from $2,500 to $10,000. We will conduct a thorough assessment to ensure that you can manage your repayments. Your repayment terms will vary depending on how much you wish to borrow.

Why do you need my internet banking details?

We will use our bank statement service to access read-only copies of your bank statements. This is to analyse your finances, including your current income and expenses. This is solely to assess your affordability; at no time will we have access to your bank account to make any changes.

What are the fees and charges?

Our loan options vary depending on how much you wish to borrow and your current financial situation. All fees and charges will be clearly outlined to you in your contract, and are available on our costs page. If you have poor credit, this will also likely impact your fees and charges. This is because bad credit borrowers are offered higher interest rates because they are a higher risk to the lender.

How do I pay back my loan?

We will set up a direct debit to leave your account in line with your payments. This way, as soon as you receive your income, your repayment will come out. When your loan has been repaid, these direct debits will stop.

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