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Researching vet bills and pet finance? Need to Take Care of your Pooch? Read on!

Vet Bills Pet Finance

Picture this: You’ve just received the dreaded energy bill in the mail, the home computer has just turned black and you turn to notice your furry friend scratching their ear. You know a costly trip to the vet is just around the corner. You think of all the vet bills and pet finance you’ll need, and feel yourself drowning. That’s when you think of Nifty Loans! We can kit you out with pet loans that’ll set your nerves to rest. But, before we get too personal, we should introduce ourselves.

vet bills and pet finance

Introducing Nifty Loans

We are a small, alternative loan company that is 100% online. We are dedicated to providing easy loans to all Australians who are searching for quick cash for pet bills. Our loan service is ready to clear the grey aura surrounding lending. When you think short-term lenders, you may think of a dirty shop front with a neon sign. However, Nifty Loans is different. We are a legitimate online loan company that is dedicated to offering fair finance to those who need some extra moolah to bridge the gap. Our loans can help in any financial circumstance, such as vet costs!

Need a loan for vet expenses?

Then, you’ve come to the right place! We offer veterinary bill loans. We understand that vet costs are expensive, and when you receive the dreaded bill, it’s always more than you think it’ll be. That’s when the panic sets in. No, wait! That’s when you turn to Nifty Loans. We offer pet bills starting from $300 – $5,000 (depending on the emergency!). We want your furry friend to be taken care of without the stress of expenses intervening. That’s Nifty!

3 Most common reasons for emergency vet visits

We all know how curious pets can be and sometimes a visit to the vets is needed to get them back to their mischievous selves. From small niggles to serious problems, there are many reasons why your pet might need to get checked out however, here are 3 most common reasons for emergency vet visits.


The top and most common cause of accidental death in cats and dogs is poisoning. No matter how careful you are in and around the home, there are many things which if your pet gets to, could cause serious problems. Pets are always curious and will often get into whatever is in their reach, whether it is for them or not. 

Foods such as grapes, raisins, apple seeds, chocolate, macadamia nuts and coffee are highly toxic and if ingested can cause serious stomach issues. Certain indoor and outdoor plants are also known to cause toxicity in animals. Indoor plants such as lilies, daffodils and ivy, if ingested can cause liver failure and may become life-threatening. 

Vehicle Accidents

Sadly, accidents happen; no matter how well you contain your pet within the home, they will always try and find a way to go for a little wander. Unfortunately, pets do not understand road safety rules so if they see something across the road they want to get to, they will run straight for it without a second thought. Even when there’s a car heading towards them at 60km’s an hour! Animals are quick and come out of nowhere so it is usually too late to stop in time and this can cause serious injuries. If an animal has been hit by a vehicle, they will require immediate care so getting them to a vet is vital. 

Swallowing Foreign Material

A lot of pets let curiosity get the better of them and tend to eat things they should otherwise avoid! This can end up going from a fun chew to a serious health problem in a matter of minutes. Items that have been swallowed may be too big to pass on their own and if large enough, can become lodged in the stomach or intestines. This will result in surgery needed to remove the trapped item. Common items that have been surgically removed are clothes, toys, strings, hair ties and rocks.


Here's a Nifty fact!

Owners on average spend between $3,000 and $6,000 on pets in their first year (ASIC, 2019)

Who is eligible to apply?

We endeavour to provide pet loans for any Australian who is searching for relief from veterinary bills. However, we have four little requirements you must meet before we can begin to assess your application. So, before applying for a loan, have a look at our checklist to see if you’re eligible:

  • Must be over 18-years old;
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Be receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for the last 3-months;
  • Have an active mobile number and email address.

And that’s it, just four little requirements and you’re on your way to applying with Nifty Loans! So, make sure to check off all these requirements before applying.

Speedy applications

We think our applications are pretty speedy. However, we have a trick to make them even faster! Before applying, have all these details handy to speed up the application process:

  • Mobile number and address;
  • Reason for a loan;
  • Bank account details;
  • Centrelink info (if applicable).

If you have these details by your side, you’ll slide through your application.

Requirements explained

You may be thinking, “why do they need my bank account details?” Over the years, we’ve been trained by online scams to be wary of giving over our bank details. However, don’t worry, we have a good reason. We use the latest in safe banking technology to access a read-only copy of your bank statements and expenses. We don’t have access to your bank account or the moolah in it! So, no need to worry. And bonus: because we use this technology, there is no need to send us copies of your expenses and bank statements. Our loan process is 100% paperwork free!

We respect your privacy and will only share your information when we have permission. Our privacy policy is an important pillar of our business operations.

How to apply for vet bills and pet finance

Applying is easy and 100% paperwork free! If you follow these four simple steps, you’ll be able to complete your loan application in no time and you can get back to cuddling your healthy furry friend:

Step one: Apply Online

Applying online can be done in minutes. That’s right. Who knew that completing a small loan application could take the same amount of time as making a cup of tea? We know that time is money, and we don’t want to waste yours. So, we have designed a user-friendly, quick application. It starts with our loan calculator.

You’ll find our loan calculator at the top of each of our web pages. Wherever you land on our website, just start with our loan calculator. Firstly, select how much you wish to borrow and for how long. Then, how frequently you wish to make repayments, either: weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Once you’re happy with your loan terms, click the Apply button and you’ll be taken to our speedy application page. Keep in mind this is just a general idea of what you can expect to pay. The terms of your actual loan may differ.

Step two: Conditional approval

Once you’ve filled out the vet bills and pet finance application, all the hard work is done – on your end at least! Our loan specialists will get to work assessing your loan application. Firstly, if you qualify for vet bills and pet finance, we will notify you via text or email. So, whilst you’re tending to your virtual farm, keep a keen eye on your notifications.

Step three: Assessing your application

After you receive a conditional approval, our loan specialists will get to work assessing your loan. This process is generally completed within 60 minutes (during normal hours) Whilst we assess your loan, we do perform credit checks, look at your bank records and contract your place of employment. Don’t worry though, we are more lenient than traditional lenders. However, we still adhere to responsible lending practices. We don’t approve a client that cannot afford their repayments.

Step four: Collect your moolah!

Once all the assessing is out the way, we can get to the fun stuff: collecting your moolah! If you’re approved, we will transfer your funds to your nominated bank account. Times may vary depending on the speed of the banks. However, if you accept your contract inside business hours, you should receive your funds overnight at the latest. If you accept outside of business hours or on the weekend, we will process your funds on the next business day.

That’s it! Just those four little steps, where all you need to do is fill out a quick application. Now you can get back to cuddling your doggo, pupper, catto, kitter, or whichever species your furry friend is.

No hidden costs

Nifty Loans believes that any professional relationship should be founded on honesty. All the fees and costs associated with your loan will be clearly listed on your loan contract prior to signing. To give you a general idea of what your loan may cost, we’ve included some examples of our basic costs at the bottom of the page for the following loans:

  • For small personal loans: unsecured personal loans ranging from $300 to $2,000. Unsecured simply means the loan doesn’t require equity
  • For medium secured personal loans: secured personal loans ranging from $2,100 – $4,600
  • For large personal loans of $5,000:

Other fees and charges may be payable. Unfortunately, if you fail to make a repayment without notifying us of any changes in your situation, additional fees may be added to the balance of the loan. If you have any further questions about what fees and charges are associated with your loan, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of loan experts.

Next up: easy repayments!

You’ve probably noticed that here at Nifty Loans, we think our loan process is pretty easy. Well, wait to you hear about our easy repayments yet! We have designed a loan repayment system that is a massive time saver. After you’ve signed the loan contract, we set up a direct debit with your nominated bank account and the repayments will be automatically withdrawn either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

When you’re completing your quick loans application, you can choose whether you want your repayments due every week, fortnight, or month. Repayments will begin four days after you’ve signed your loan contract or after your payday.

So, say goodbye to the days of setting reminders and forgetting to make your repayments! All you have to do is make sure there is enough moolah in your nominated bank account to make the repayments.

Have bad credit and need to cover veterinary bills?

Sometimes life can throw you hurdles that are hard to jump over and consequences can be long term. Well, we think that bad credit shouldn’t be the only thing that defines your finances. That’s why we look past the stain of bad credit and look closely at the positive aspects of your credit history as well. We adopt the philosophy of positive credit reporting to give every Australian a fair go. So, if you have bad credit and vet bills and pet finance, we may be able to help! Searching for bad credit loans? Look no further then Nifty Loans.

Are you receiving Centrelink payments and need quick cash?

If you’re receiving Centrelink payments, you may have been knocked back for personal loans in the past. However, we believe that one aspect of your finances doesn’t capture the whole picture. We look at the positive notes on your credit score, as well as your current income. Lucky for you, we consider Centrelink payments as regular income if you’ve been receiving them for at least 3-months. We know how vet bills and pet finance builds up, so don’t let Centrelink payments deter you from applying for easy finance.

Do you need help with vet loans for pensioners

Similar to bad credit and Centrelink payments, we don’t let the fact that you’re receiving a pension stop you from applying for help with vet bills. We know that your furry friend is most likely your companion and sometimes when they have a mishap it can lead you to testy financial waters. That’s why we offer help with vet loans for pensioners. We want your healthy furry friend cuddled up next to you in no time, without crippling your finances.

Vet bills and pet finance: sorted

So, if you receive scary looking veterinary bills, now you know where to turn. When unexpected expenses strike we want to take care of it. Whether you need a loan for an expensive trip to the vet or emergency surgery, we’ll do our best to sort you out with small loans and medium personal loans.

Pet insurance: is it worth it?

If you have bad luck with clumsy pets, pets that eat batteries or pets that love to do digging in precarious places, perhaps consider pet insurance. It may not cover every expense (such as pre-existing conditions), however, for frequent emergencies, it can be a viable option.

Light bulb

Here's a Nifty question!

Have you considered pet insurance?

Let’s be friends

Let’s admit, animals are adorable, yet they can drain your wallet when you least expect it. That’s what we’re here for. Whilst your pet is filling you up with love, make sure your wallet and your furry friend are healthy!

If you have any questions about vet loans, don’t hesitate to contact our loan specialists team. Either pop them a quick message or give them a ring on 1300 471 328.

You may be experiencing information overload, but don’t worry if you have unanswered questions about our service. You can head to the FAQs page at any time and see if your answer is waiting for you.

Want more of Nifty Loans? Great! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google + and also keep up to date with the latest personal finance and lifestyle trends via our blog.


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Andrew Bell

Since founding Nifty in 2016, Bell has continued to make waves within the local financial sector for his continued ambition and willingness to adopt emerging technologies.

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