Wedding Loans | Fast Personal Loans up to $15,000
Need a hand funding your dream wedding?

Gather up something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue – it’s time for a wedding! From picking a venue, catering and most importantly, choosing the dress, weddings are one of the most important days of our lives. Unfortunately, the cost of these things can add up quickly, making this special day turn out to be a very expensive one.

If a lack of funds is casting doubt over your happy day, not to worry. With Nifty, you can apply for a loan specifically to finance your own wedding! Using our quick and easy application form, you’ll find yourself applying for a wedding loan in the morning and paying for the caterer by the afternoon.

Who are we?

Before we walk down the aisle, we thought we’d introduce ourselves first. We are Nifty Loans, an online alternative lending company that more Aussies are turning to for a reliable and affordable loan service. We offer loans to lovebirds out there who need a financial pick-me-up.

Our loans are just the thing for any occasion, and there’s nothing more celebratory than a wedding! Love is the one priceless commodity we have, something that money can’t buy. However, sometimes money can leave you inches away from your dream wedding. Not to worry; at Nifty, our job is to bridge that gap.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a wedding loan with bad credit?

Yes! Nifty offers bad credit loans for wedding expenses. We understand that bad credit isn’t the most reliable indicator of your current financial position. We focus on the bigger picture by focusing on your current finances to see how you’re going to repay the loan – not just on your credit score alone.

How do I repay my wedding loan?

We know the stress of planning your wedding day is immense. The last thing you want to be worrying about is loan repayments. That’s why all our repayments are automatic!

Repaying your loan is just as easy as applying for it. With Nifty, our repayments work by setting up a direct debit, so that your repayments will come out of your account automatically. We will ask you to select a day to deduct repayments. They can be set up to come out of your account on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Typically we’ll align your repayments with your pay cycle. Selecting the right payment structure ensures that you always have enough money in your account. So, as long as you have enough cash in your account to cover the payments, they will just come out automatically. No need to set reminders only to forget to make the payment. Just make sure you don’t spend your entire paycheck the moment you get paid!

Am I eligible for a wedding loan?

We want to give every Australian a fair go at easy finance. We just have a list of eligibility criteria that you’ll need to meet before you apply. To be eligible, you need to:

  • Be 18 years or older;
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for the last 3 months;
  • Have an active Australian mobile number and email address;
  • Have internet banking set up.

If you meet this criteria, then you’re eligible to apply for our wedding loans!

What information do I need to provide?

We already think our application is super speedy. However, if you’re looking for hyperspeed, then have these details ready to go before you apply:

  • 100 points of ID (name, D.O.B., etc.)
  • Contact information
  • The reason for your loan
  • Internet banking details
  • Employment details and employer contact information

We use the latest in safe banking technology to access read-only copies of your bank statements and expenses. And bonus: it means our process is 100% paperwork-free!

Ready to apply?

We want to be a part of creating a beautiful wedding day for you and your partner. We’re hoping you now have all the information you need to make an informed decision about taking out one of our wedding loans. If you still have more questions, check out our FAQ page or send us a message, here.

Otherwise, go ahead and scroll to the top of this page to get started with your online loans application and planning your dream wedding!

**If you have an NPP-enabled bank account