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Day-dreaming about escaping to Fiji or Bali, or perhaps a hinterland cabin? However, is a pesky travel cost keeping you grounded? Well, get ready to suit up for a relaxing holiday escape, because Nifty Loans offer personal loans for any kind of travel cost. And the good news keeps coming. Our travel cost loan application is super easy, and if you’re approved, we can deliver your moolah straight to your bank account. Travel loans are your ticket to the next holiday extravaganza. But, before we start planning a trip together, we’d better introduce ourselves.

Introducing Nifty Loans

Nifty Loans is a neo-lending company that is dedicated to bringing accessible finance to all Australians. We offer short-term loans and secured personal loans for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new car, or upgrade your home, or cover flight and accommodation costs for a holiday, Nifty Loans has you covered. Our personal loans range from $300 to $5,000, with flexible terms and easy repayments. So, if you’re on the hunt for personal finance, skip the parade of big banks, and join the Nifty crusade.

What do we consider as a travel cost?

Well, basically anything related to your travels! It can be anything from airfares to travel expenses. Our travel loans are essentially personal loans for travel expenses. And travel loans can apply to practically any travel cost and are super flexible. So, if you’re wondering whether your holiday expense qualifies as a travel cost – it probably does. Our travel loans cover travel costs, including, but not limited to:

  • Emergency travel fund
  • Airfares
  • Accommodation costs
  • Spending money
  • Transport
  • Entertainment
  • Pet sitting expenses!

And many more! The list is endless. Basically, any expense that gets you to your holiday destination can qualify as a travel cost. So, why not scroll up and apply today for personal loans for Aussies, by Aussies.

Who is eligible for a travel cost loan?

Well, we’d love to say everyone, but we do have a few little requirements you must tick off before applying for travel loans. But don’t worry, it’s nothing major; just a few necessary requirements:

  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for the last 3 months
  • Have an active mobile number and email address

That’s it. Just those four little requirements and you’re ready to apply for travel loans. Wish goodbye to your travel cost woes, and say hello to sunny beaches and good vibes.

What do you need handy to apply for a travel cost loan?

We believe in giving our customers all the right tools to succeed. So, here’s all the details you should have handy before applying for travel loans:

  • Personal contact details, e.g. mobile number and email address
  • Reason for a loan
  • Bank account details
  • MyGov info
  • Employment info

With these details handy, we promise you’ll breeze through your application. You may be wondering why we ask for sensitive info, like bank account details and MyGov info. Well, using this information, we obtain read-only copies of both your bank statements and Centrelink documents. This allows us to assess your easy loans application within a fraction of the time it would take if we used manual documentation. So, nothing scary, just fast loan assessing! Still a little unsure? Read our promise in writing; take a look at our privacy policy.

How to apply for a travel cost loan

Applying for a travel loan only takes a few minutes! Yep, that’s right. Just minutes – not hours. Our application is 100% online, paperwork-free and completely safe. So why not put our application to the test and scroll up if you’re looking for short-term fast easy cash loans If you’re wondering how our application works, don’t! We’ll just show you:

Part 1: You apply online

Applying online is super easy. All you need is a device connected to the world wide web, and you’re all set! To apply, you can snuggle with your favourite blanket and a cozy cup of coffee or whip out your phone on the go and pop in a quick application. It’s that easy!

To begin your application merely scroll up and use our loan calculator. Select how much you wish to borrow and for how long. Then, you can select how often you want to make repayments, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Once you are happy with your loan terms, click the Apply button and you’re on your way to travel loans!

Part 2: We assess your application

After you submit your application, our team of loan specialists get to work assessing your application. We don’t believe in cheesy suspense, so we do our best to deliver 60-minute outcomes (during business hours). So, while you’re waiting, sit back and enjoy your latest Netflix binge or simply get back to what you do best – we’ll have an outcome for you in no time.

Part 3: We deliver your moolah straight to your pocket

If you’re approved (congrats!), we will send you a loan contract outlining the agreements of your loan term. So, just review and sign on the dotted line, once completed your funds will be transferred to your nominated bank account. Access to funds is subject to inter-bank transfer times.

And that’s it! Just three simple parts to our loan application/approval process. Just fill out an application in minutes and wait for a quick outcome. Then if you’re approved, you could have your moolah by the end of the day (if you apply within business hours).

What are the costs?

We believe that money lending requires transparency. That’s why we are 100% upfront about costs and payable charges and fees associated with your loan. Have questions about how we calculator loan costs? Great! Take a look at what’s included in our loan costs. You can see some examples at the bottom of this page or on our costs page for the following types of loans.

  • For small personal loans: unsecured personal loans starting from $300 to $2,000 and are repaid over a 3-6 month period.
  • For medium personal loans: secured personal loans starting from $2,100 to $4,600 and are repaid over a 12-24 month period. All loans over $2,000 are secured, so must be secured by equity, such as a car, motorbike, boat or caravan.
  • For large personal loans: secured personal loans of $5,000 that are repaid over a 13-24 month period.

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If you do not make the repayments on your loan, unfortunately there may be additional fees applied to your loan. Depending on the loan, other fees and charges may be also payable. If you have any questions about the costs associated with your loan, don’t hesitate to email us at or give our team of loan specialists a ring on 1300 471 328.

How do our repayments work?

We’re glad you asked! Our travel cost loan repayments are simple and easy. Using the latest in the safe banking technology, we set up a direct debit with your nominated account. That means your repayments will be automatically withdrawn from your account, so, all you need to do is ensure enough money is left in the account. Say goodbye to settings pesky reminders, only to forget to make your repayments. And apply with Nifty Loans for head-ache free finance.

Do we conduct credit checks?

The short answer is yes, we do. As part of responsible lending practices, we do perform credit checks in conjunction with our suitability assessment. However, if you have bad credit don’t let that deter from you applying for quick loans. Our team of loan specialists don’t take your credit score at face value. They know that a pesky financial mishap can stain your credit score for up to five years so your credit score may not reflect your current finances. So, that’s why we also look at your current relationship with money when we assess your suitability for a travel loan.

Have Bad Credit and Want to Apply?

Great! You’ve come to the right place because we offer bad credit loans. We do conduct credit checks; however, we welcome any applicant, no matter what their credit score says. You never know, we may be able to help. We are more lenient than traditional lenders. You may be used to getting knocked back by the big banks. But here are Nifty, we don’t just look at bad credit, we look at your current financial position too. So, if you have bad credit, why not apply with Nifty to see if you qualify for fast cash loans.

Do we offer Loans for People on Centrelink?

Yes, we do! If you’re receiving Centrelink payments and you’re on the hunt for a personal loan, you may have been knocked back by the big banks. So, we’re glad you found us. We consider Centrelink payments as a regular income if you have been receiving them for the last 3 months. So, if you receive Centrelink payments and are sick of getting knocked back, apply with Nifty and see if we can get you the money you need.

Why Nifty Loans?

With plenty of online lenders flooding the market, it may be hard to decide which one is right for you. So, let us clear up any confusion. If you’re looking for a lender that combines the strength of smart technology and a dedication to customer service, then we’re the right lender for you!

We care about our customers and adhere to responsible lending practices. So, we won’t approve any client that cannot afford their repayments. Our team of loan specialists take assessing seriously, and it’s what they do best. So, you can be sure you’ll receive your outcome quickly.

What if you are declined for a travel cost loan?

If your application for travel loans is declined, then don’t start sweating bullets. We may have said no this time, but you’re always welcome to apply again once your finances have smoothed out. Our door (metaphorically) is always open to anyone who is seeking quick and easy loans, especially when you’re looking for a relax-inducing escape.

Let’s be friends

So, if you’re daydreaming about the sunny beaches of Fijior escaping to the mountains, stop daydreaming and start travelling. Apply for a loan for almost any travel cost and kickstart your holiday adventure with Nifty Loans.

You may be experiencing information overload, but don’t worry if you have any unanswered questions about our service. You can head to the FAQs page at any time and see if your answer is waiting for you.

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Who can apply?

18 Years and Older Can Apply For Loans

You're at least 18 years old

Personal Loans Australia

You're an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Emergency Cash Loans When Earning an Income For More Than 3 Months

You've been receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for at least 3 months.

Our Money Lenders Will Be In Contact

You have an active mobile number and email address.

How it works

Small Loans

$300 - $2,000

Quick Small Loans - Borrow Money Now
Loan amounts:$300 - $2,000
Terms:3 - 6 months
Establishment fee:20%
Monthly Fee:4%
APR:N / A *
Comparison Rate:138.37%**

Small Loan Example

Loan amount:$1,000
Terms:6 Months,
(24 weekly repayments)
Establishment fee:$200
Total other fees:$240
Total payable:$1,440
Weekly installments:$60.00

Medium Loans

$2,001 - $4,600

Medium Loans In An Hour Once Approval Has Been Confirmed
Loan amounts:$2,001 - $4,600
Terms:13 - 24 months
Establishment fee:$400
Monthly Fee:$0
Comparison Rate:65.86%**

Medium Loan Example

Loan amount:$2,500
Terms:24 Months,
(104 weekly repayments)
Establishment fee:$400
Total other fees:$1,609.44 (reducing interest)
Total payable:$4,509.44
Weekly installments:$43.36

Large Loans


Get Fast Money Today - Small to Big Cash Loans
Loan amount:$5,000
Terms:13 - 24 months
Establishment fee:Variable
Monthly Fee:$0
Comparison Rate:48%**

Large Loan Example

Loan amounts:$5,000
Terms:18 months,
(78 weekly repayments)
Total Interest:$1,897.54
Total payable:$6,897.54
Weekly installments:$88.43

* Not applicable. Small loans do not charge an annual interest rate.

** WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate with the lender that finances your loan. Different loans may include other payable fees and charges. All fees and charges will always be displayed on your loan contract.

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