Unclaimed money? Claim now!


Unclaimed money, have you got missing money you didn’t know you had? Don’t delay search today!

Unclaimed money do you have any lost accounts or super?

Australia currently has $1.1 Billion in unclaimed money could some of this be yours? There are some quick searches you can do to ensure you know where all your funds are!

When a solicitior, company or government department make a payment to an individual and the cheque is not cashed the money is deemed unclaimed.

By law businesses are required to turn unclaimed money over to be held in trust accounts by the government.

If a bank account has been inactive for 7 years it is deemed unclaimed.

Unclaimed money can be in the form of:

  • Lost bank accounts
  • Shares/Investments
  • Super
  • Inheritances
  • Payroll cheques
  • Tax returns
  • Refunds
  • Insurance policies
  • Security deposits
  • Unclaimed lotto winnings

Many people are completely unaware that they have money owing to them.

If you think you may have money owing to you, you can perform a search.

Visit the ASIC website: for unclaimed money or if you think you may have lost super or other monies then you can do a search with findunclaimedmoney.com.au who are a combined website and can find all lost money options.

How can people loose track of their money?

It isn’t too hard to loose money, which is noted clearly by the amount of unclaimed money NSW alone!

Quite often if people move around a lot it is very hard to track them down. Especially if they are renting or are fly in fly out workers (FIFO) they are sometimes living in one state and working in another.

Moving overseas is another time when people tend to loose track of their accounts or money that is owed to them.

Government and business’s find it hard to track down individuals once they have moved to another country.

Some people just simply forget!

Life gets busy, they have moved onto a new job, gotten married and changed their name and quite often don’t give unclaimed money a second thought.

How do I search for lost or unclaimed money?

You can visit the ASIC website and conduct a search with your name, once you have found your name on the search you can begin the claims process.

  1. Record your original transaction number (OTN) you will need this to make a claim.
  2. Confirm bank details – you will need to find out which banking institution you need to contact to reclaim your money.
  3. Contact the bank – you will need to speak with the unclaimed money officer to make a claim at your relevant bank. They will usually require you to have sufficient proof that you are the rightful owner of the unclaimed money, this may be in the form of ID eg. Drivers licence or passport.
  4. Once the bank approves your claim they will contact ASIC to release the unclaimed money, this usually takes around 28 days.

Finding Missing Superannuation!

Another common avenue of missing or unclaimed money is Superannuation. Many people have multiple super funds that they have failed to have rolled over due to job changes and even fund changes over the years.

If you think you might have some lost of unclaimed super that you would like returned you can go to the ATO website and search for lost super and follow the instructions on how to roll your super over into your current fund.

If you don’t want to or are unsure of trying to search for your super on your own, there are many companies that specialise in super rollovers and super funds including most banking institutions.

You could approach your current super fund to do a search for you and roll over any super that they find.

Most of them will do it for free, however you should get a written quote or have a conversation with your super fund as to the costs that will be involved if they roll your super over for you.

In conclusion, if you are unsure whether you have lost or unclaimed money out there it’s time your did a search and found out what you are owed!

You never know you could have won the lotto and it’s sitting there waiting for you!

unclaimed money
unclaimed money