Community Guidelines | Moderating Our Social Media Pages

We are always open to accept questions, comments, complaints and compliments on our social media and community pages. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide the best service and we are always looking for ways to improve where possible. So, if you have a point of view, tip or experience that you would like to share we highly encourage you to let us know.

Bear in mind it is Nifty Loan’s policy to moderate or remove any content that may put either yourself or us at risk of harm. Any offending content will also be removed. This means we will moderate (and, in extreme cases, ban individual users) content that includes: swearing, threatening, bullying, trolling, abuse, indecency, defamatory remarks, harassment, personal attacks, and offensive or disrespectful language.

We will also moderate or remove content if believe it:

  • Is unlawful
  • Is defamatory
  • Breaches copyright or infringes any person’s intellectual property rights or privacy.
  • Includes offensive or obscene images
  • Contains profanities or offensive statements
  • Contains a political agenda
  • Is spam or advertising

When posting on our pages we ask you to stay on topic and engage in a meaningful, relevant way.  Our online pages are ideally a place where users can join in productive conversation. We ask that users respect the following community guidelines:

  1. Use common courtesy and be respectful of others – we won’t tolerate any discriminatory or offensive comments, or personal attacks on others.
  2. We acknowledge criticism on our products, services and performance overall but we will not allow persistent misrepresentation of Nifty as a company, any affiliates or our staff.
  3. Please try to keep it relevant and stay on topic. Any commentary that goes off-topic on the particular post/thread may be removed or rejected.
  4. Our social media pages should be used as a platform for discussion and conversation and should not replace existing customer service or complaints platforms. If you do have any queries or complaints, please direct them to our contact page on our website.

Please note that Facebook also has its own set of guidelines for posting on their site. You can find Facebook’s policies here.

If you have any further questions regarding what can and can’t be posted on our social media pages please send us an email to