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    What do I need to get started?

    Having your mobile, email and banking details is always handy when starting a new application. You’ll be contacted via text and email if anything else is required. So, after you apply keep an eye on your notifications.

    How quickly do I get my money?

    Once a signed copy of an electronic contract is recieved, most customers have the funds in their account in 60 seconds, if their bank account is NPP enabled. This includes contracts that are signed after business hours and on weekends!

    If your bank does not support instant payments, the latest you will receive the funds will be overnight if you have signed your contract by 5:00pm AEST (during banking days). If signed on the weekend or public holidays, these will be paid on the next business day.

    Not sure if your bank supports instant payments? You can find out more here.

    Do you conduct credit history checks?

    Yes, Jacaranda, on referral from Nifty does conduct credit checks on eligible applicants. This is a requirement in the responsible lending guidelines. However, if you have bad credit you shouldn’t let this deter you from applying. We aim to give every Aussie the fair go they deserve at accessing finance. If it can seen that you’ve been responsible with money and will be able to comfortably afford the loan repayments, then you can be considered, even with bad credit.

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