If You Need Cash Now, Consider Applying With Nifty. We Can Offer Super Fast Personal Loans.

Need Cash Now

If you need cash now, you have a few options available to you. You could apply with a short term lender, like Nifty. Nifty is able to get you a small loan fast. Even if you have bad credit, Nifty still may be able to help you out with a loan. You could even be eligible for a cosmetic surgery loan, truck loan, home improvement loan or even an IVF loan!

I Need Cash Now

Realizing that you need money and need it now isn’t a fun thought. When a financial emergency or surprise expense rears its head, this might be your only solution. Having some funds for these kinds of situations is the right way to go; unfortunately, some Australians don’t keep emergency funds to handle unexpected expenses.

If you don’t have emergency funds to handle surprises expense, you might need cash fast. If you try to borrow money from a bank or traditional lender, you’ll may never be able to get the money you need at the right time. They can make you wait days before providing you with an outcome, and days more to transfer the funds to your account. Therefore, if you need cash now, you could consider a smaller alternative lender, such as Nifty.

At Nifty, we understand that sometimes life is unpredictable and people may need cash now to manage unexpected expenses. That’s why we offer fast cash loans to borrowers. You can get an outcome on our loans within 60 minutes (during normal business hours). If you’re approved, we may transfer the funds to your account the same business day. Access to funds is subject to inter-bank transfer times.

Additional Fees and Costs

When applying for a fast cash loan with Nifty, all possible costs and charges will be stipulated in the loan contract. We are 100% transparent about our loan products and costs. Costs differ depending on the borrowed amount. Head on over to the costs page, to get an idea of what our loans may cost you.

Nifty Personal Loans

Before you apply for a Nifty loan, familiarise yourself with the loans we can offer:

Small Personal Loans

We offer small loans that range from $300 to $2,000. Our small personal loans can be repaid over a period of 3 to 6-months. Our small personal loans are unsecured, meaning you won’t need to attach any security against the loan.

Medium Personal Loans

You are also able to apply for a Nifty medium personal loan. These are loans that are valued between $2,100 and $4,600 and can be repaid over 9 to 24-months. Medium personal loans may require an asset to be attached as security.

Large Personal Loans

Large personal loans are valued at $5,000. These loans can be repaid over 9 to 24-months. Just like our medium personal loans, these loans may be secured. This means you may need to attach an asset as security against the loan.

What Can I Use As Security?

Nifty can accept your car, motorbike, boat or caravan as security. Keep in mind, however, that applicants must be the registered owner of the vehicle they wish to use as security.

Adding security against the loan greatly reduces the risk for the lender. Therefore, this allows the lender to be more lenient when assessing an application and may improve your chances of being approved.

If a borrower repeatedly and consistently misses repayments and fails to get in contact with Nifty, their vehicle may be repossessed. This is always a last resort. Nifty will only consider repossessing a vehicle if all other options have been exhausted, and the borrower fails to get in contact.

I Need Cash Loan Now: Can Nifty Help?

We sure can! If you are thinking, “I need cash now”, you’re at the right place. We know that there are many reasons for why you might need cash now – from covering unexpected expense to paying for something you really want. That’s why we offer fast cash loans.

With our fast cash loans, you can get access to instant cash. If you’re approved, you may get the funds transferred to your account the same business day. Access to these funds is subject to inter-bank transfer times. Now, that’s Nifty! So, if you need cash loan now, apply with us.

Instant Cash Now

There are so many reasons that could leave you thinking, “I need fast cash now”. At Nifty, we’ve heard them all. So, here are a few of the most common reasons for needing cash now.:

Car Repairs

You may need cash fast when you’re hit with unexpected car repairs. Depending on what car you have, repairs can start getting super expensive. Especially if you rely on your car for work, the first thing that probably pops in your head is, ‘I need cash now’.

Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies are stressful enough as it is. Not only do they disrupt your life, but they can seriously derail your budget. Medical procedures can often be expensive, and it’s difficult to have enough cash on hand to pay for them.

The last thing you want to be thinking if you or one of your loved ones is hurt is, ‘I need some cash now’. However, life doesn’t always go to plan. If you do find yourself in this situation, get in contact with Nifty.

I Need Cash Now With Bad Credit: Can Nifty Help?

At Nifty, we treat all borrowers fairly. So, if you’re worried about your credit score, don’t be. We’re here to help you and won’t judge you based on your credit score. Credit score doesn’t have to be the end of your story. We don’t believe that a mistake from the past should haunt you in the future. Anyone can have less than stellar credit or bad credit. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be allowed to borrow money when they need cash fast.

How do we do this? Well, we use the latest in safe-banking technology to access a read-only copy of your bank statements. From here, we are able to get a better understanding of you and your relationship with money. If we can see that you’ve been making an effort with your other repayments, and have been receiving a regular income for the last 90-days, you stand every chance of being considered for approval.

I Need Quick Cash Now: Am I Eligible?

At Nifty, we give everyone a fair go. However, there are few requirements you must meet before you can apply for a fast cash loan with Nifty. So, before you start applying, just make sure you:

  • Are at least 18-years old;
  • Are an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Have been receiving a regular income for at least 90-days,
  • Have a valid contact number and email address;
  • Possess a personal bank account with internet banking set up.

What Do I Need With Me When Applying?

We want to make it easy for people to borrow cash fast. That’s why we have a simple application and you can complete it within a few minutes. However, before you start, have these important details handy to absolutely fly through your loan application:

  • Bank account details;
  • Personal contact information (mobile number, active email address etc.);
  • Reason for applying;
  • Employment information.

If you have all this information, you should be able to complete the application form within a few minutes. You can shoot us an email at info@niftypersonalloans.com.au if you have any questions about the application and everything you need to complete it.

How To Apply For A Loan

Applying for fast cash loans with Nifty takes only a few minutes. You could even apply for a cash loan from the comfort of your own home!. Just follow these simple steps to apply for a loan with Nifty:

Step One: Complete the Application

Click here and use our loan calculator to select the amount you need to borrow and the time you need to pay it back. Done? Now click the ‘apply now’ button and complete the application. Don’t worry it only takes minutes to complete.

Step Two: We Assess the Application

Once you have completed the application, our experts will review it to determine if you are eligible for the fast cash loan. You may get an outcome within 60 minutes (during normal business hours).

We Transfer the Funds

If you are approved, we will transfer the funds the same day (if approval comes during normal business hours). Generally, you should receive your loan within 24-hours of approving the contract. Again, this is dependent on when you approved the loan, as well as inter-bank transfer times.

Benefits of a Nifty Loan

It’s no lie that the online lender market is full of options. You may be wondering why you should borrow from Nifty when you need cash fast. There are several benefits you experience when you get a fast cash loan from Nifty. We’ve listed just a few to give you an idea:

Same Day Response

At Nifty, we know that when our customers say ‘I need cash now’, they mean it. That’s why we’ve built our loan process to be as quick as possible. So, if you apply for a loan during normal business hours, we should get back to you with an outcome within 60-minutes. If you apply outside these business hours, someone from our assessment team will get to it as soon as we’re back in the office.

No Charges for Paying Early

Some borrowers like to pay off their loan early. That’s great and we appreciate this. You can pay off your fast cash loan early too; we won’t charge any fees for an early exit. In fact, you might be able to save a few bucks by paying off the loan before the end of the term.

All Purpose Loans

You can use our fast cash loans for any purpose (Within reason). Whether it is for car repairs, home repairs, holidays or medical procedure, etc. We’re happy to help you out.

100% Transparent

All our loan products are transparent. There are no hidden fees associated with any of our loans. You can rest assured that you’ll be paying exactly what you’ve been told.

Simple Repayment

We have a simple repayment system in place to ensure that you don’t forget making a payment. You’ll be set up with a direct debit that’ll automatically come out of your account on a nominated day either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This way you won’t have to worry about repayments. Once you’ve repaid your bad credit loan, the direct debit will stop automatically. That’s it!

Before You Borrow

You might need cash fast for something important, but that doesn’t mean you should get a loan without considering a few things. Ask yourself these questions before you decide to borrow.

Can I Afford the Repayments?

Nifty complies by responsible lending practices. This means we will never willingly supply you with a loan that you won’t be able to afford. While we will complete our own financial assessment of your application, it is important you run some checks of your own.

Do I Agree to Terms and Conditions?

Borrowers should always carefully read the terms and conditions of the loan contract before signing anything. If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions of your loan, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team. They’ll be happy to walk you through any and all questions you may have regarding your loan terms.

Apply for Fast Cash Loans with Nifty

When you can’t wait and need cash now, don’t waste your time with banks and traditional lenders. You no longer have to wait in long queues or fill mountains of paperwork to apply for a fast cash loan. Just apply with Nifty by completing our super simple application and see how fast we give you an outcome. So, apply for a fast cash loan with Nifty today.

If you have any further questions, head on over to the contact us page.

Who can apply?

18 Years and Older Can Apply For Loans

You're at least 18 years old

Personal Loans Australia

You're an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Emergency Cash Loans When Earning an Income For More Than 3 Months

You've been receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for at least 3 months.

Our Money Lenders Will Be In Contact

You have an active mobile number and email address.

How it works

Small Loans

$300 - $2,000

Quick Small Loans - Borrow Money Now
Loan amounts:$300 - $2,000
Terms:3 - 6 months
Establishment fee:20%
Monthly Fee:4%
APR:N / A *
Comparison Rate:138.37%**

Small Loan Example

Loan amount:$1,000
Terms:6 Months,
(24 weekly repayments)
Establishment fee:$200
Total other fees:$240
Total payable:$1,440
Weekly installments:$60.00

Medium Loans

$2,001 - $4,600

Medium Loans In An Hour Once Approval Has Been Confirmed
Loan amounts:$2,001 - $4,600
Terms:13 - 24 months
Establishment fee:$400
Monthly Fee:$0
Comparison Rate:65.86%**

Medium Loan Example

Loan amount:$2,500
Terms:24 Months,
(104 weekly repayments)
Establishment fee:$400
Total other fees:$1,609.44 (reducing interest)
Total payable:$4,509.44
Weekly installments:$43.36

Large Loans


Get Fast Money Today - Small to Big Cash Loans
Loan amount:$5,000
Terms:13 - 24 months
Establishment fee:Variable
Monthly Fee:$0
Comparison Rate:48%**

Large Loan Example

Loan amounts:$5,000
Terms:18 months,
(78 weekly repayments)
Total Interest:$1,897.54
Total payable:$6,897.54
Weekly installments:$88.43

* Not applicable. Small loans do not charge an annual interest rate.

** WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate with the lender that finances your loan. Different loans may include other payable fees and charges. All fees and charges will always be displayed on your loan contract.

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