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How much cash do you want?
How long do you want it for?

Loans from $2100 to $4600 require a car, motorbike, boat or caravan to be provided as security. If you cannot provide security, please apply for $2000 or less.


The Annual Percentage Rate for Secured Medium Loans is 48%. Comparison Rate is 66.0347% p.a. This comparison rate is based on a Medium Amount Credit Contract for an amount of $2,500 over 2 years and a $400 establishment fee. Fees and charges are payable.

The maximum you will be charged is a 20% Establishment Fee and a 4% Monthly Fee. Under the current legislation lenders do not charge an annual monthly interest rate for our Small Amount Credit Contracts. You may know this as Annual Percentage Rate or APR(%)

What is a cash loan?

A cash loan is a fast approval loan processed within 60 minutes.

Usually for a customer who is wanting to borrow money instantly for a short, fixed amount of time.

Most loans are from $300 to $4,600 and are repaid between 3-24 months.

At Nifty we understand that life doesn’t always go as planned and sometimes life’s mystery’s can easily turn into nightmares, we don’t think you should be penalized for this we want to help.

If you don’t have enough money in your bank cash account to cover the expense of a broken down car, electricity bill or phone bill or even that unexpected trip to see a sick loved one – have you considered fast cash loans?

Nifty personal loans are 100% online! Yes or No approval within 60 minutes! All you need to do is complete our 4 minute application form and you are on your way to solving your money problems.

Once approved we pay you fast!

Once your online contract is accepted we will transfer the money to your bank account instantly.

A Nifty personal loan is easier on the pocket than you’d expect!

Because Nifty cares about you and no business is too small for us!

We will go out of our way to ensure that you are getting the loan you need – for the amount that best suits your situation.

Also, unlike the slow processing bank application process our loans can be approved in 60 minutes!

I’m looking for a online loan but I’m not sure which one is right for me?

No problem look no further we can help you with that!

Nifty provide small amount short term loans, so all we need for you to do is jump online and fill out our quick application form to start your cash advance account.

This usually takes customers around 4 minutes, once you have done that then our customer service representatives will begin processing your loan and your on your way to solving your money problems!

Why Choose Nifty loans?

No face to face meetings – there is no need for you to leave your home or office to apply for a Nifty cash loan it is all 100% online!

All you need is a regular income and you can apply!

Do you perform credit checks on your customers as a part of your loan process?


We however request 90 day’s worth of bank statements (these can be accessed quickly through your online bank, no fuss!), this helps us establish your income etc.

I’m looking for a loan but have bad credit in the past, do you accept bad credit loans?

Here at Nifty we believe that your credit history should stay in the past.

We understand that from time to time regular Australians may fall on hard times or have unfortunate circumstances and we don’t think you should be punished for this!

Can I still apply for a loan if I am receiving Centrelink payments?


A Centrelink payment is considered as ‘regular income’ so as long as you are receiving a regular income, then you will be eligible for a Nifty cash loan.

How do I repay my Cash loans?

Well that couldn’t be easier!

Once your cash loans have been approved we will set your loan repayment via a direct debit which will come straight out of your account on a nominated day

No fuss whatsoever! No need to remember when your repayment is due it’s automatically done for you!

Once your cash loans have been repaid your direct debit will be automatically stopped.

It’s that easy!

What should I consider when thinking about getting quick cash loans?

Is this product right for you?

What are the repayment options?

Who is this product for? Individuals looking for a cash loan
To be eligible for a cash loan you must meet these requirements: You need to: Be 18 years of age. Have a regular source of income. Be a permanent Australian resident
What are the repayment terms? Repayment terms will vary depending on each applicant’s agreement but will generally range from 3-6 months.
Available Loan types Fixed Term Loan
Lender Nifty Personal Loans

How does a Nifty cash loan work?

Nifty fast cash loans are between $300 to $4,600.

Here at Nifty we understand the significance of instant cash loans and that life doesn’t always allow for planning.

We are leaders in our field at offering solutions for life’s little speed bumps that the big banks don’t want to know about.

We’re fast, we’re fair and we’re here for you when you need us to help you get back your financial stability and success!

Start your partnership with Nifty NOW!

how it works.

small personal loans.

  • Loan amounts: $300 – $2,000
  • Terms: 3 months – 6 months
  • Establishment fee: Up to 20%
  • Monthly fee: 4%


Loan Amount: $500
Term: 10 weeks, repayable weekly
Principal amount: $500
Establishment fee: $100
Total other fees: $60
Total monthly fees: 4% per month over 10 weeks
Total payable: $660
Weekly installments: $66

medium personal loans.

  • Loan amounts: $2,001 – $4,600
  • Terms: 13 months – 24 months
  • Establishment fee: up to $400.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 48%
  • Comparison Rate: 66.0347%


Loan Amount: $3,000
Term: 18 months, repayable weekly
Principal amount: $3,000
Establishment fee: $400
Total other fees: $1,378.87
Total payable: $4,840.14
Weekly installments: $61.27

Want to know something nifty? See how it works!

How customers rate Nifty Loans?

plf Overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 52 reviews.

Amazing service helped me so much

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I can't believe how much you guys have helped me with my finances as I was short of funds. I can't say enough about the service you guys go out of your way to help people and I am so grateful I found you website will be recommending your service to everyone. Keep up the great service.


4 5 1
It was wonderful to do the loan so easy and fast return. In the bank the next day. Will differently be doing another loan though them in the near future.

Very good to deal with

4 5 1
All through the process dealing with the loan I even rang to talk to a consultant they were very helpful. I would take another loan. The loan was not to expensive.

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